5 Reasons To Be Thankful For Travel

November 23, 2017


Stephanie Goraczkowski

thankful for travel.jpgWhen you’ve been traveling all year, you can linger on the edge between being happy with your job and feeling like you’re missing out on important life events with your family and friends. On one hand, you have an awesome career where you can see new places and help new people. Nothing is ever boring; but it does mean that you might miss your niece’s birthday party or your weekly family dinner night with your parents. There’s a trade-off to being a traveler, but it’s a rewarding and challenging career path. This time of year, we’re reminded to be thankful for the things we have—one of these things is the ability to travel professionally.



You’re reaching personal and professional goals.

There’s something about travel that’s energizing. It gives you more fuel on your fire, and a little extra drive to accomplish the things on your bucket list. The great thing about traveling for work is that you can combine your personal and professional goals. So, you’ve always wanted to learn to surf, plus get licensed in California? That’s just the motivation you need to pair these two goals together.


You’re living life on your own terms.

In a standard 8-to-5 job, you don’t always get the flexibility to work in the city you want, to vacation when and where you want, or to take time off in a family emergency. One of the benefits of traveling is that you can create your assignments around your best life, taking jobs where you need and taking time off in between assignments to be around for the important things.


You’re always discovering new places.

Vacations are nice, but you have such limited time when you’re on vacation that you don’t get to fully immerse yourself in the planned activities. It's like you're trying to cram in a lifetime of experiences in a short 3-5 days or a week. When you spend extra time working and adventuring in your new assignment location, you have extra time to see the sights, go at your own pace, and even get in on what the locals are up to. Spend a full day at a museum, drive up the coast for a weekend getaway, or plan a 3-day hiking trip—time is on your side!


You’re making new friends.

While you have family and friends you’re missing back home, you’re also in the unique position to meet colleagues and like-minded people to discover new places and hobbies with. We should always be thankful for our friendships. Plus, these relationships can make it that much more fun to go back for a visit after your assignment is up. Look at you go, social butterfly!


You’re happy to come home.

What’s that quote about absence? It makes the heart grow fonder? Coming home and reuniting with loved ones feels just that much better when you’ve been out and about. Being thankful for travel when you come home gives you stories to share, new reasons to appreciate your family, and moments to hug them just a little bit harder.


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