5 Travel Nurse Rating Sites To Learn About

October 12, 2017


Stephanie Goraczkowski



5 Travel Nurse Rating Sites To Learn About Right Now

When you’re looking for your next travel assignment, you want to make sure you’re going to be treated well. You want to read up on the company to make sure they’re legit, have positive ratings, are knowledgeable, etc., before your start date. Think of it this way—before you make a reservation at a new restaurant, you check out sources for ratings, right? You look at social media, like Facebook and Twitter, and read through sites like Yelp and OpenTable. You ask things like: Is the food good? Is the staff friendly? Is the place clean?

Well, there are sites like that for travel nurses too. And we have them listed below, so you can check out different medical staffing companies, travel nursing agencies, hospitals, and their rankings before signing any contracts.




Owned by: Kyle Schmidt and Bill Clark

This site doesn’t just provide ratings; it’s a widespread site of tools, profiles, checklists, and more. Think of it as a networking and career management tool, all in one. Like, LinkedIn and Yelp rolled into one great travel nursing site. The homepage displays six healthcare career management tools that show you how to streamline and manage your career. Plus, it’s very easy to navigate.

Ranking system: Cumulative rating scores from 6 different sources, combined into an average score for each company

Reviews: Yes

Job listings: Listings are in the blogs

Additional tools and features: Yes

Blog and custom content: Yes

Free membership: Yes

Travel Nursing Central


Owned by: Medical Solutions

Travel Nursing Central markets themselves as a “one stop for everything travel nursing”, with easy-to-use icons, ranging from travel nurse hospital reviews and specific agency rankings to travel nurse news and advice on things like positions and health insurance. They also have a housing section, which allows you to see and post temporary housing, organized by state. Travel Nursing Central is very user-friendly, with easy profile adds.

Ranking system: Forms to rank travel nursing companies and hospitals

Reviews: Yes

Job listings: No

Additional tools and features: Yes

Blog and custom content: No

Free membership: n/a

Highway Hypodermics


Owned by: Kay Slane

This site is the longest running site for travel healthcare. They’ve been around since 2003, so they pretty much know the commonly asked questions, and the information on how to find a great medical staffing company to work with. Their site uses a combination of detailed surveys and benefits questions to develop their ranking system.

Ranking system: Developed on questionnaire + benefits algorithm

Reviews: Yes

Job listings: Yes

Additional tools and features: Yes

Blog and custom content: Yes

Free membership: No membership required, but there’s a free “Newbies Workbook”

The Gypsy Nurse


Owned by: private investors; originally created by Candy Treft

Login, upload your profile and sign a release form to get access to everything this site has to offer. In addition to being a review site and job board, there's some pretty stellar and unique custom content on Gypsy Nurse, broken down into categories and organized extensively, which makes it easier to find the topics you may want to read up on.

Ranking system: Star rating system; category ranking (divided into 6 categories)

Reviews: Yes

Job listings: Yes

Additional tools and features: Yes

Blog and custom content: Yes

Free membership: Yes

Travel Nurse Source


Owned by: Track5Media, LLC

The great thing about this site is that you can review recruiters individually. The Browse Jobs section is organized so you can search by specialty, state, or license type, and the travel nursing agencies section is easy to follow with rankings categorized by benefits. Their blog is organized by recent posts, nursing links, and category lists, offering great reads for travel nurses, whether you work in critical care, the emergency department, or anywhere else. 

Ranking system: Circle rating system; algorithm-based

Reviews: Yes

Job listings: Yes, and quick apply section

Additional tools and features: Yes

Blog and custom content: Yes

Free membership: Yes

Are you getting the most out of your travel nursing career? Take a look at some review sites before jumping into your next assignment. Then, apply with us.

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