6 Tips For Revamping Your Resume

January 8, 2018


Stephanie Goraczkowski

revamp_resume.jpgIt's a new year and maybe you're looking for a change of scenery in your career. Change is good; it helps us grow into the people we're supposed to be. So, if you're ready to start something new, check out these tips for keeping your resume updated, and keeping yourself in the running for that new dream job.



1.) Get more certifications.

If you’re on the hunt already, nothing says “legit” like being qualified for a new location or a new job. Do a little research to see what you’ll need to do that new job. The more qualified you are, the more chances you have of landing your sweet new gig. And of looking like a total rockstar.

(Pssst! If you need a source for getting your CEU's online, check out our post here.)


2.) Keep your profiles up-to-date.

After you get those certifications, update your resume! All profiles should be up-to-date with the latest work experience, skill sets, and certifications. Make sure all online resume sources, as well as your stand-alone resume, contain the same info and match each other. This includes any social media profiles, like LinkedIn. Speaking of LinkedIn...


3.) Use new tools to make the hunt easier.

"Resume Assistant" is the magical pairing of Microsoft Word and LinkedIn. Which means that while you're updating your resume in Word, a column will appear on the right side, giving you related keywords and specific jobs from LinkedIn that are based off of what you're putting in your resume. It's very much like having someone do all of the search work for you. Learn more about how it works with this video


4.) Keep your social media clean.

Did you have a good time at that house party last weekend? Did you go on a bachelor bar hop? I bet you took some great pictures! But while your friends and family can laugh about your silly party photos, consider keeping those under wraps from potential employers. Everyone enjoys having fun, but you don’t want to overshadow how great you are for the job with a ridiculous picture of you taking endless Jell-O shots with your neighbor.


5.) Add some quality references.

Do you have some great people who can vouch for how great you are too? Ask them if they can be included in a references section of your resume, and make sure they’re ok with their contact info being shared. Giving them a heads up also helps, so they aren’t blindsighted by a potential employer calling to get the low down on your fantastic skills and personality.


6.) Check, check, check.

Before you start sending out your newly polished resume, make sure you’re checking your spelling. Proofread your profile. Look for accuracy and fix inconsistencies. Check your spelling. Remove any irrelevant or out-of-date work experience. Oh, hey… check your spelling. I know it can seem a little overkill, but honestly, no matter what field you’re in, if the grammar looks sloppy, you will too. (And we know you aren’t sloppy!) So, just spell check, ok? There's even a handy grammar checker you can add to your Chrome browser. It's called Grammarly and it makes you look super smart.


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A new job can be an exciting step in the right direction to furthering your career. Revamping your resume can add new shine to how awesome and qualified you already are. Once you get done polishing up your resume, get in touch with a recruiter and we'll help you land that awesome new gig:

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