7 Free Music Apps For Your Travel Lifestyle

December 4, 2017


Stephanie Goraczkowski


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Traveling can take up a pretty big chunk of time. Whether you’re truckin’ it across the country to a new assignment, or your making your daily commute to work, you need something to keep you occupied. Looks like it’s time to bust out those headphones and download some music apps! While most music apps serve the same basic purpose—bringing sweet tunes to your ears—each one is specifically different in what they offer. Check out these 7 free music apps and choose which is right for your traveling, singing heart.






This app hosts one of the largest free libraries and extensive free services most music apps make you pay for. Create your own playlists, save artists, albums and songs, and follow your friends by connecting your account to Facebook and other social media. A “friend activity” sidebar will appear on your desktop version, so you can easily access what they’re currently listening to. Spotify also has a variety of their own themed playlists you can subscribe to.


Available On: iOS and Android devices

Upgrades: Premium account features for $9.99/month






Mostly anyone with a smartphone has heard of iTunes. This is obviously one of the biggest, most widely-used music apps, and one of the first to come onto the scene. There are over 40 million songs in their catalog to listen to and discover. Plus, once you create an account, all of your iTunes library music will go into your catalog, regardless of how you got it. Music can be purchased seamlessly and added directly to your catalog. It’s not just for music either—you can organize, purchase and watch movies and TV shows. So, if you want some videos on-the-go for your iPad, this app is going to be like gold for you.


Available On: iOS and Android devices

Upgrades: Student Subscription account features for $4.99/month; Individual Subscription account features for $9.99/month; Family Subscription account features for $14.99/month






While Pandora has been a little late to the game to offer streaming services, they have been a free music account service for a long time. They offer a simplified approach, with fewer clicks and toggles to actually start playing the songs you love. Your recently played music, stations, and albums displayed front and center when you open the app up. They still offer the same radio stations as always, with the ability to simply click on a title and generate a radio station, instead of a playlist. What’s great is that you can create these radio playlists quickly and simply without spending a lot of time browsing through the app. Their premium service allows you to take all of the songs you’ve given a thumbs-up to and create playlists, so finding all of your faves is even more streamlined.


Available On: iOS and Android devices

Upgrades: Plus account features for $4.99/month; Premium account features for $9.99/month





Google Play Music

When you’re looking for a simplified way to catalog your favorite music collection online and stream music from the same place, this is it. The best thing about this app is that you can upload 50,000 of your own songs, as well as browse music for online streaming. Google Play Music scans your collection, matches files to tracks in their catalog, and then gives you the option to stream or download. Also, any songs bought through the Google Play Store don’t count against your 50,000-song limit, making it perfect for combining those favorite pre-owned albums you already have with new hits you searched for—all in one place.


Available On: iOS and Android devices

Upgrades: Premium account features for $9.99/month






If you’re the type that likes to browse new niche artists, grassroots musicians, and homemade music, this is the app for you. The great thing about SoundCloud is that it’s not just an app for finding and listening to music; it’s a dynamic way for sharing your own. Its content is generated by users like you, and key features allow you to upload your own tracks and follow other users to keep track of their uploads too.

Available On: iOS and Android devices

Upgrades: SoundCloud Pro $7/month; SoundCloud Pro Unlimited $15/month






Radio isn’t just for the car stereo. This app is a broadcast and internet radio platform that gives you all of your favorite radio stations, conveniently in one place. So if you aren’t in your car a lot, or want to take your radio with you on a run, this is your best bet. Plus, you can save all of your fave stations—not just local ones! Which actually makes it great for your car trips too.


Available On: iOS and Android devices

Upgrades: All Access account features for $9.99/month





Slacker Radio

This app isn’t as well-known as some of its counterparts, but it certainly packs a punch of variety to your daily music. In fact, their website calls it “the best kept secret in music”. You get the benefits of radio, mixed with the artists you like, and it’s curated to give you the best music experience for whatever your doing at the moment. If you like switching up your tastes and interests, Slacker will definitely keep you interested and keep your playlists fresh.

Available On: iOS and Android devices

Upgrades: Radio Plus account features for $3.99/month; Premium account features for $9.99/month



Get your music fix no matter where you’re headed, and make getting there a little more fun. Bonus points for sing-a-longs and car karaoke.


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