Alternatives To Daily Air Pollution

May 10, 2018


Stephanie Goraczkowski

Clean Air Month is good time to think about our impact on the environment and how this affects our overall health. There are several things we can do to improve and support better air quality in our environment. Reducing our electricity usage through energy conservation, and participating in carpools and bike rides as a means of alternative transportation can reduce harmful toxins in our air.

Air pollution can harm the environment, negatively impact our lives, and is linked to serious health conditions, like cancer and bronchitis. Some of these common pollutants include acid rain, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, and particulate soot, which all lead to poor air quality. Even planting more trees or growing more houseplants can be a good way to improve air circulation in our homes and in our communities. 

Click below to see more about alternatives to daily air pollution. Once you're in the infographic, you can click on each title to learn more about air quality initiatives going on in your area and across the country. Let's improve air quality together.




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