Best Assignment Locations for Spring

March 16, 2017


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Spring is finally here! This is good for two reasons: 1. Winter is over, 2. Summer is close. Not sure where you want to spend your gorgeous spring days? These are some of the best states to travel during the spring months.


  1. New York - Spring and Autumn in NY are always picture perfect. If you are thinking about heading to the east coast, you should definitely consider the Big Apple. Obviously there are endless amounts of things to do, touching on every aspect of culture and entertainment. In springtime specifically, you can catch fun events such as the Tribeca Film Festival or the Bacon and Beer Classic! Spend your downtime checking out every inch of Central Park as it comes to full bloom! 
  2. Arizona - If you didn't make it the Southwest for the winter months, this is your chance to visit before the heat is in full force. If you're a baseball fan, you can always catch a Spring Training Game, or maybe you'd rather hike any of the hundreds of trails throughout the state. Trips to Lake Havasu are a must, then maybe a few rounds of golf. 
  3. Minnesota- For the locals in MN, spring means they can finally kiss the snow goodbye and get out and about. Remember the Bacon and Beer Classic in NY? Well, you can catch it in Minneapolis in April as well. There are events going on every weekend that are things you'd probably never experience elsewhere, such as the Maple Syrup Tapping Event. If you love biking riding, you can travel all about the Twin Cities, as well as find other events biking around the state. 
  4. ColoradoIs there ever a time of year that CO isn't amazing? It is the perfect season to go to a concert at Red Rocks in the evening after spending your days hiking. If you get to an assignment early enough, you can also get in some skiing with all of the spring breakers. Closing date for ski season is in April. Not the outdoorsy type? There are so many great breweries you can tour and then stroll around downtown Fort Collins. A great state no matter when you go. 
  5. Virginia - This state loves festivals. Film festivals, Pirate Fest, and even Fried Chicken Fest. A festival for anyone. If you're looking for something more, you can check out all the rich history throughout VA, such as Jamestown Settlement. 
  6. TennesseeAll seasons are great down in TN, but Spring is especially great. Obviously you will find endless entertainment in ole Music City, overflowing with history. If you are looking for a view, the entire state is lined with the Great Smoky Mountains and offers plenty for the outdoor lover. You'll be going back for second helpings of all the great southern food too. 
  7. South CarolinaThis state should be on everyone's bucket list. However, not in the summer. If you are looking to take an assignment, now is the time. Once the summer heat arrives, you just might melt in the humidity. SC has it all. History, great food, the ocean, and more. Historic downtown Charleston is a must see, and while you're there take a ghost tour. There are many small islands that make for a relaxing day trip. We suggest Sullivan's Island or Isle of the Palms. 
  8. OregonOregon is always in high demand when it comes to traveler's preferred locations. Every inch is beautiful. You can experience mountains and the ocean or city life, all in a day's work. You will arrive just in time to do some whale watching! If you're a fan of The Goonies, you will definitely want to check out Astoria  and Cannon Beach where it was film. 
  9. CaliforniaIf you haven't applied for your Cali license yet, then you probably won't be making it this spring, but if you plan on taking an assignment or two here, you won't be disappointed. The state of CA is huge, so the variety of things to do includes something for everyone. National Parks, the hills of San Fran, Disneyland, and Hollywood are just a few of the must see places if you are in the Golden State. Are you a big sports fan? You have your pick of several teams and sports to spectate. Maybe you'll even snag an autograph from Steph Curry! 

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