How Far We've Come

April 29, 2016


Fusion Medical Staffing

 Final building shot

Wake up, drive to Davenport Circle, punch in the garage code, slam the door extra loud (in attempt to make sure Scott was awake), and head downstairs.  A few minutes later, the coffee would be brewing and Scott would walk down the stairs sporting some flooder Under Armour pants; 2 cups of lukewarm coffee in hand …..Welcome to Fusion Medical!

In September of 2009, Fusion Medical Staffing opened its doors; the journey has been a heck of a ride since.  After busting our butts for 5 months working out of Scott’s basement, we moved into a new office, just over 1000 square feet, and decided to start doing a little internal hiring.  Travis Mason become our first employee.  Anytime Travis is involved, things get nasty (in a good way).  We grew quickly; and, after a year, it was time to move again.

We moved down the hill to a building offering us plenty of space to grow. We have continued to knock down walls both physically and figuratively, because of our rapid growth, amazing employees, and unmatched culture.  Fusion now consumes about 12,000 square feet, between 2 buildings, and we are busting at the seams.  With this growth has come amazing stories.  AMAZING stories.  We now have 5 divisions, over 100 internal employees and our culture has continued to remain our biggest competitive advantage.

On May 2nd, we will move into a renovated space that offers 28,000 square feet.  Looking back on our journey, it is almost hard to fathom how much has happened in less than seven years.  With our culture and the environment we have created, it will be exciting to see what the future holds.  I think I have an idea, but we will wait to see how it plays out.  For now, I am thankful to be out of Scott's basement, to wake up each day and do something I truly love, and I am stoked to see how this journey continues to play out!


Sam Wageman
President - Fusion Medical Staffing

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