Should New Grads Travel?

May 24, 2016


Fusion Medical Staffing

I started the Student Outreach program last year in the Fusion Therapy Division and have been focused on helping students make the biggest decision of their life. The “what’s next” question is always pasted in big bold letters across their foreheads with the look of wonder glazed over their eyes (granted this look could be from all the late night studying though). Either way, with the bold letters and wonder glazed eyes, every student has the same curiosity of where their next step will take them. I have met some amazing students and they all have the same things in common; they are passionate about being a therapist, passionate about helping their patients, and passionate about their future. So gather all those qualities, add in personality and intelligence, and you my friend have some smart decision makers about to be boosted into the world.


Fusion New Grad Travel
Should new graduates travel?

So this brings us to the big question: “Should new graduates travel?” This doesn’t come up randomly, it comes up at every Career Fair, at every Conference, and in every conversation I have with future therapists. Why such a grandiose question? Well it’s because this is the most important decision every student should ask themselves since it will truly impact their future. There are so many reasons as to why new graduates should travel but regardless of the perks, it all boils down to each individual’s personality and aspirations. However, some expert knowledge could just be all you need to help persuade you to grab that travel bag, update that Facebook status, and hit the road.

Let’s break this down a little further for those of you who like to get deep in thought. Here are some highlights of what could help you make your biggest decision yet!


Sure everyone has heard about the money motivator. Who wouldn’t be excited about earning some extra “dough” fresh out of college? Well if you’re a new graduate with lots of loans like the rest of us degree achievers then being a travel therapist is where that money tree has been hiding. There have been many successful graduates that go straight into traveling and are able to toss that shovel to the side because they don’t need to dig themselves out of debt after a few years on the road. The secret to making that money though is knowledge…and we all know “knowledge is power!” Every potential traveler should be aware of www.gsa.gov which is a government website that provides how the tax free money is dispersed as well as other additional information about rates (now you’ve got the 411)!


Hey you’re just out of college! Hello, go see this great country instead of watching celebrities post about the cool locations on Instagram. Most contracts are about three months long, which gives you just the right amount of time to work, play, meet new friends, and gain some amazing experiences. When will you ever have this kind of opportunity to travel from one coast to the other and get paid to do it? Let’s not forget the one of the greatest parts of this adventure, making it on your own. There is nothing more thrilling then to know that you are I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T and have the confidence to say “hey world, I’m here!” Let’s be honest, there is no loss in trying the travel industry. Contracts fly by just like your clinicals flew. You blinked and it was over and then always moved on to the next class, new teacher, different experience to learn. So give it a whirl!


No I don’t mean taking Uncle Bob and Grandma Sue out on the road with you. I’m talking about the Staffing Company you choose to work with, aka your new family. I highly suggest that new graduates do some research when searching for a travel company. You’ve been in school this long what’s a little more google searching and review reading going to hurt? Talk to the recruiters, hear their reasoning’s to travel, and decide who fits the best for you. My advice is finding a company that has you in their best interests. You will want to choose a recruiter that listens to you, believes in you, and will answer your phone call after hours or on the weekends even if you need just to chat. Fusion has recruiters that will be in your corner 24/7 and they instantly turn into that BFF everyone wants around. That may be bias but hey I did say I’d be honest with you!


Before you take this leap you’ll want to do some type of "soul searching reality check". I wish I could say becoming a travel therapist is for everyone, it unfortunately isn’t. Sure the new found wealth of money, experience, friendship, and amazing company to work for sounds like any ideal package that no one would want to pass up but you will want to make sure that you are ready for that type of challenge in your life. Traveling can be stressful and moving to new places throughout the year can be tough but you wont be alone, your recruiter will be with you every step of the way (well a phone call, text, email, snapchat, fb, etc YOU GET IT..away). You’ll want to be confident not only in yourself but also in your skill set as being a therapist. Don’t get me wrong, you won’t be thrown to the wolves and told to “do work!” You’ll have some “Veteran” therapists at your first few assignments to help guide you for a couple weeks. Keep in mind though that these facilities and hospitals who are searching to fill positions with traveling therapists are looking for someone who is ready to get in the action.

Traveling has so many perks and gives you the ability to explore so many different settings and places. Your University has molded you, trained you, and provided you with every skill set you need to excel in this industry. Have that heart to heart talk with yourself and make the decision to hit the road. If you need a resource to shed more light, reach out to Fusion Medical Staffing and chit chat with one of our recruiters.

Your journey begins here.


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