Silence Is Golden

February 24, 2015


Sam Wageman

As I was cruising to my fantasy football draft, rocking out to music, screaming in my sweet car voice, my car radio suddenly went out.  WTF, I thought.  I pounded on the dash of my 2004 Acura TL in hopes of reviving it.  Nothing.  I cruised the remaining 15 minutes without a radio, thinking about when I could call to get it fixed.

The next morning I called to get an appointment to get it repaired.  They told me it would be 2-3 weeks because they needed to send the radio out of town to get it checked.  My first thought was, “what am I going to do without a radio for 2-3 weeks?”

Over the course of the next day, I realized that I actually enjoyed not having a radio.  I began to have a zen place in my crazy, fast paced life.  I had the peace and quiet I often needed throughout the day but couldn’t find the time for whatever reason.  Thoughts ranged from parenting ideas, to ways to improve employees at work, relationships I needed to work on, blog ideas, and many other thoughts that typically go on in my head that I don’t have time to process.

I began writing these thoughts down as soon as I could get them on paper, and I truly began looking forward to my alone time in the car so I could have relaxation.  Then came the call….My radio was ready to be re-installed.

With hesitancy, I got my radio put back in.  I still rock out, and sing in one of the best car voices around, but I often don’t even turn it on so I can be reminded of those peaceful days of the broken radio.

Next time you get in your ride for a cruise, turn that radio off and enjoy.  I promise you will like it.


Sam xmas party



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