Social Media Tips for Travelers

June 30, 2016


Fusion Medical Staffing

It's National Social Media Day!

Social Media has changed the way we do almost everything. From the way to keep in touch to how we get our news, to the way we look for jobs, social media has had an impact.

The world of travel healthcare and recruiting is always changing but most recently has seen large growth through social platforms. Whether that means joining groups on Facebook or having an up to date profile on LinkedIn, it is important to stay on top of the game.

Here are some of our tips for keeping up with social media as a traveler:

1. Create an email for travel:When you apply for jobs or give out your information, this allows you to keep work separate and keep things organized. Any companies that will reach out, any documents for work, etc. would all go to that email! Seems simple enough!1

2. LinkedIn: Not only do you want to have a LinkedIn profile, but you want to keep it up to date. Add the company you are currently working for. This is great for several reasons. One of those being that it allows you to really identify with that company and another being you show you are currently a working professional! Another great thing about LinkedIn are the Top Influencers and groups who are great resources for questions an information about the industry! You are the expert in this industry, don't be afraid to publish post or join in the conversation. No one knows this stuff better than YOU!

Make sure you are connecting with other travelers, recruiters and any others who work for your company. It is always nice to put a face to a name when you are on the phone with someone or reaching out with questions!

3. Facebook: There are so many great groups on Facebook that allow you to connect with other travelers, recruiters, and more. They provide resources, support, and even some humor! Being away from your friends and family can be tough, so really rely on those online support systems! As a company, we love to see what our travelers are up to and live vicariously through your adventures!

We have a private group just for Fusion travelers, which allows you to connect with everyone, ask questions and share with employees both in the office and on the road! Not in the group yet? Join HERE!

Along with the groups, you can also keep you profile up to date by adding your most current job. Just like LinkedIn, it really allows you to identify with your company.

4. Instagram: There are tons of amazing accounts to follow on Instagram that are travel related. One of our favorites is NurseLife . Along with the funny accounts, you can share the amazing things you get to do while on assignment. Try searching things like #travelpt, #travelphysicaltherapist, #travelRN, #gypsylife and more! A great way to see how big the world of travel healthcare professionals really is! Don't forget to tag Fusion and use #fusionmedical if you are sharing something fun you are doing on contract! We love to see it!

5. Like & Follow: Find your favorite companies and make sure you follow them on all platforms you are on. You never know what information you my gain and it keeps you in the know! It is always a great place to go if you need questions answered, see job postings, or just want to share you experience! For our Fusion travelers, you want to make sure you follow us everywhere you can because we are always running contents and giveaways!

 6. Share and Review: Whether you are telling about how much you love your company, recruiter, or even an apartment you used during a contract, share with travelers! Telling others about your experience can be a huge help as they search for answers. We all use the internet to help recommend things, from cars to buy to places for dinner! The pages listed below are a great place to go to share some of that information or go directly to the company Facebook pages!

7. Think twice: The great thing about social media is that you can say anything you are thinking. The bad thing about social media is people say whatever they are thinking. Always think twice before posting things you may regret later.  You wouldn't want a facility or another company to see something negative and hurt your chances of a position due to a few moments of being angry! Everyone has bad days of course, but in short, don't say something you wouldn't want you boss to read!

There are so many great blogs and pages to be liking and following too. Gypsy Nurse , Highway Hypodermics , HoBo Health , and  Blue Pipes are some of our favorites!

Looking for more ways to be involved with Fusion on social media? Contact us today!social media

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