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April 22, 2015


Fusion Medical Staffing

Of course you can travel at any age, but Fusion Lab traveler, Alex Reese, is sharing her reasons to start travel when you're young! She is one of our youngest travelers and absolutely AMAZING! Check out what she has to say!

Why You Should Travel When You’re Young

  Ok, I know what you’re thinking.  “Another Elite Daily article telling me to quit my job and travel the world by myself with only $10 in my pocket and the clothes on my back before I’m 30.”   Not quite.  After recently celebrating my 25th birthday, I was surprised by how many people told me “you’re so young for a traveler!”  It got me thinking.  Why are there not more travelers my age?  Part of the reason I got into traveling was because I felt like it was the perfect time in my life to do it.  “But don’t you miss your friends and family? But how does your boyfriend feel about it?  But are you ever going to settle down?  But...but…but…”  These are the usual questions I get from people when I tell them I’m a traveler.  Nobody seems to be asking the questions they should: “What have you gained from being a traveler? What have you experienced that you probably wouldn’t have otherwise? ”

Traveling is just that, an experience.  What I have gained has outweighed any homesickness I may feel occasionally.  You are constantly meeting new people from all different backgrounds.  This has probably been my most rewarding experience thus far.  I have learned things about other cultures that you just won’t learn in a classroom.  I have met so many different types of people, which has really helped me learn how to respond to different types of personalities.  I certainly have a more open mind to different points of views and ideas, and have even incorporated some of them into my own daily life.

Another gain, and probably my most favorite, is all the food you will try (and possibly learn to make with a little, or a lot, of trial and error)! I am currently on an assignment out in San Francisco and let me tell you, the food out here is AMAZING and authentic.  I make it a goal to try something new every week.  My palate has expanded beyond measure.   Along with learning foods that I love, I have also learned some foods that I do NOT love (lingua= delicious, chicken feet= never again).  You will have the chance to eat at some famous restaurants, some rather unique restaurants, and some hole-in-the-wall restaurants that as just as good as the famous ones!!  I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to try them all.

Along with all the new foods you will try come all the new places you will see!  I personally enjoy hiking and make sure to find the best hiking trails in the area as soon as I arrive.  I recommend asking a local for this, as they may be able to tell you some of the little-known yet extraordinary spots.  My favorite thus far has been hiking the cliffs of the Pacific up to the Golden Gate Bridge.  Tarantula season is coming up, and parts of the local hiking trails will soon be covered by thousands of them.  I will be observing this from a distance.   On my current assignment I have also made it up to Napa for a night, driven down to San Jose for a Sharks game, seen some incredible art exhibits, spent a day on Alcatraz, and visited some other well-known tourist spots.  And I didn’t have to miss a single day of work for it!

The most obvious benefit of being a traveler is the career growth.  If you want to build a killer resume, traveling is the way to do it.  You are guaranteed to learn new skills at every assignment.  You will see how other labs run things differently to ultimately yield the same (and accurate) results.  You will see new and innovative methodologies and technologies!  You will learn to be flexible, as your work environment is always changing.  Even in the lab, there really is more than one way to skin a cat.  I really emphasize this if you are considering a management position in the future.  The experience you will gain is invaluable.

I’m not going to sit here and tell you that you won’t ever face any challenges.  You absolutely will.  You will miss people.  You will get nervous when going to a new place.  If you’re like me, you may struggle to figure out how to turn on the stupid windshield wipers in your rental car.  But I wouldn’t trade it for a second.  You will see and do things you otherwise may not have had the chance to do.  You will make lifelong friends all over the country.  You will also learn new things about yourself.  Having all these experiences before its time for me to become a “real adult” is something I am extremely grateful for.  So make a bucket list of states you want to get to (or leave your list wide open if you desire) and contact a Fusion recruiter.  I promise you won’t regret it.

Alex Reese


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