Fusion Fit 60 Day Challenge: Meet the trainers and more!

June 2, 2015



We have extended sign up through Friday! There have been so many of you interested and joining the challenge that we are BEYOND pumped up to see everyone get started. Here a a few quick reminders...

Now the official contest will start MONDAY! (and extend those days we have to make up)

  • To sign up, please send your contact information to haley@fusionmedstaff.com She will send this to the trainers (Eric and Tyler). Those two will get in touch with instructions on tracking your points, initial weigh in, etc.
  • This contest can be done ANYWHERE! You don't need a gym, just a few extra minutes each day to be active, drink your water, and stay engaged. We will be here to help push you the entire way!
  • You can win just by being a part of this. Each prize point is a chance to win some awesome Fusion gear AND feel rewarded for pushing yourself.
  • The points are SO easy to earn, you just have to try a little. When in doubt, be active.
  • ITS FREE! Remember, this is something Fusion is teaming up with Fitfully for, to bring you a fun contest and promote healthy living.

(Have you liked Fitfully on Facebook? You should! You will find some extra fitness/healthy tips!)

The biggest thing to remember is this is all based on points and how hard YOU want to push yourself. You can win the prizes are your pace or go all in to try and win the grand prize! Either way, you are being active, conscious of your choices, and living healthier! We love that!

Traveler Weight Loss Challenge

Here's a bit about the trainers who are teaming up with us. (They keep all of us healthy and in shape!)


Tyler Ely (tyler@fitfully.com)


What do you love about personal training/coaching? Seeing clients evolve. I love helping client's perform exercises and attain goals, that they otherwise would have not thought possible, without my coaching and positive reinforcement.

Tell us how you keep fit? When it comes to clean eating, it's relatively easy. Just eat REAL food. Strive to eat a lean protein source with every meal, monitor your carbohydrates and fats totals, and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.

What is your favorite day in the gym? Leg Days!!!! Favorite Lift - Front Squat

Favorite cheat day pleasure? An Ice cold Beer...maybe a few... :)

Best advice for someone who is looking to change their lifestyle and get fit? When in pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, be ready to change just that, how you live your life . It's far more than a quick fix. It's never going to be a place that you reach and then you're done. It's something that you'll have live and breathe. Most people focus on external changes, but to sustain a healthy lifestyle, you must embrace and appreciate the internal changes within yourself.

The easiest way to begin, is to begin right now. Not tomorrow, not next week. Right now! Begin by controlling your environment and eliminating any unhealthy foods from your home. The next step is to map out a routine. And not just a workout routine, a whole routine of how you operate during the day. Plan out when you are going to prepare your food, workout frequency and duration, what you're going to eat and when you're going to eat it, etc.

Before you know it, working out will just be another part of your day. One you look forward to. I can't promise the same thing, with eating chicken breast. Doesn't matter who you are, that stuff gets old!

Favorite Athlete/Trainer?  ​​Bret Contreras "The Glute Guy"


Eric Wetterberg (eric@fitfully.com)


What do you love about personal training/coaching? I love coaching people to meet and exceed their goals and giving them the knowledge to eventually become almost completely self-sufficient in their own healthy lifestyle.

Tell us how you keep fit? I have a passion for all things strength. The bigger the weights are in the weight room, the more enjoyable working out is for me. What do I do for cardio? To quote Jen Sinkler: I lift weights faster. I believe strength is the foundation for all aspects of life. The stronger you are, the easier it is to carry children, groceries, go up and down stairs and even just small things like opening jars for my wife :) I am almost fully paleo, the main aspects of paleo can transcend into any legitimate "diet". Eating whole foods with plenty of fruits and vegetables with minimal to no added chemicals or ingredients is something that can benefit everyone on the planet.

What is your favorite day in the gym? I don't really have a favorite day in the gym because I do mostly full body workouts 3 times a week. My favorite exercise is by far the Deadlift, I believe it is king.

Best advice for someone who is looking to change their lifestyle and get fit? My biggest recommendation to someone just starting out on their own healthy journey is: Consistently do something everyday that will make you better. No change is easy and there will be roadblocks along the way but some perseverance will lead to habit changes and adding up a few habit changes can lead to a complete lifestyle change.

Favorite cheat day? Pepperoni pizza, hands down. (All to himself!)

Fusion's internal employees have been working on both one on one and with group training at Fitfully for just under a year. There have been nothing but great things to say about these two, and even better results to prove it. Not just the getting fit side, but creating a habit and healthier lifestyle! We encourage you to check Fitfully out on Facebook for all things fitness, as well as some fantastic testimonials.

How can travelers get started?  If any Fusion travelers out there are interested in pairing up with Fitfully, please reach out to your recruiter. We want you to know that whatever you choose, that will stay between your trainer and you. Fusion is here to serve as a connection to Fitfully and the trainers, we do not seek any information regarding your workouts, health, or any other communication you have with Fitfully.

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