Fusion Cares About Your Health - So Look At These Gifs And Laugh, Okay?

March 19, 2014



A new book by Scott Weems called "Ha! The Science of When We Laugh and Why" sets out to explore human laughter and whether it's true laughter really is the best medicine - or at the very least whether it can prolong life and make pain (physical and emotional) more bearable (most likely, yes).

According to Weems' study, funny PEOPLE (the ones making the laughter happen) tend to have a higher mortality rate due to many factors - including a sedentary lifestyle and probably something to do with that Woody Allen saying about Comedy being Tragedy plus Time. Or, as the Times article puts it, "as the old saw holds, many of the best comics really are miserable."

There's a cool quiz to take over at the Times if you're feeling like slacking at work taking a well deserved break. In the meantime, here are some health tips from your friends at Fusion Medical Staffing! Feel free to pass these along to your friends and family.

1. Nutrition is super important, you guys.


2. Get 30 minutes of moderate exercise 5-7 days a week. Like Gimli!

LOTR cardio

3. Keep sweets to a minimum. A special treat! Like...after you finish a day of work. What.

Fat Stewie

4.  Take a hot bath in the evening to relax before bedtime. Take time for yourself.


5. Studies show people with pets live longer. And are less itchy.


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