Move of the Week: Kettle Bell Swing

July 18, 2014



Kettle Bell Swings are just the beginning when it comes to working out with kettle bells. Having the right form is key, otherwise you will end up with a very tender lower back. Check out this weeks move to get started!

  • Why choose the kettle bell swing?: It builds strength in the posterior chain (Hamstrings & Glutes). The posterior chain is a weakness in most people, especially those who do not take part in regular exercise. A weak posterior chain, is almost always accompanied by chronic lower back pain.
  • Am I doing it right?: If you experience lower back pain during or after performing the kettle bell swing, then absolutely not. Your lower back should stay stable and not flex/extend. The extension should be at the hips. If you're not feeling the kettle bell swing in your hamstrings and Glutes, then you're simply not doing it right and are letting your lower back dominate the movement. Another common problem once form is established, Is that trainee's do not use a heavy enough kettle bell to stimulate the posterior chain. So once you've got it down, test the limits and see how heavy you can go!
  • Does it really give you a ba-donk-a-donk!?: "Of course! Trust me, I like big butts and I cannot lie!" - Tyler the Trainer

What other moves do YOU do with the kettle bells? LET US KNOW!

Don't forget to share your workout pics with us! We want to see you getting FUSION FIT!


Thanks as always to Tyler from Fitfully!

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