We Broke Up With The Monotony Of The Office Today To Marry Charity

August 7, 2013


Fusion Medical Staffing

Do not get us wrong we LOVE our jobs; seriously, we do. Working at Fusion is like hanging out with friends for the day. However, anyone who has worked in a position where you sit in a cube and/or make 50 or more calls a day can attest to having Restless Office Syndrome, A.K.A., “I need to get away from the monotony of the office, or I’m going to pull my hair out.” We tried to curb the itch with our 2nd Annual City Park Clean Up.

Fusion Community Focus, FCF, is Fusion’s non-profit group. Internal employees are automatically a part of the group. FCF coordinated with a local organization called Keeping Omaha Beautiful. We adopted Adams Park for the day and cleaned up trash and cleared dead tree limbs; there were many. Afterwards, the guys took some time to play a 5-on-5 pick-up game. Shirts vs. Skins. Skins won. We did an awesome charity for the community, and everyone got over the R.O.S.



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