Expert Inside Tips From Fusion Medical Staffing For New Grads

January 16, 2014


Fusion Medical Staffing

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Congratulations! You've graduated! Seriously, what an accomplishment! But before you start popping all those champagne bottles, let the experts here at Fusion give you the inside scoop to start your new career out AWESOME.


First! The RULES for newly minted RN's:

1. RN's can't travel as new grads. The good news is this gives them 2 years to gain the experience they need to become travel nurses - a lucrative and rewarding field to aspire towards. Here are some hints and tips:

  • Most importantly, get 2 years of experience ideally.  You can travel after 1 year but it is ultimately harder to get started.
  • Getting your first paying RN job is the most important thing you can do.  Even if it means moving further away from home for a year to get it.  Be open because if your class locally just graduated, there are also 100 other RN’s in your area looking for a job in the same area.  Most hospitals hire maybe 1-2 new grads per graduating cycle.
  • If you happen to take a long term care job to get your one year of paid experience, never stop looking for a job in a hospital setting.
  • Don’t rule out part time or per diem agency positions locally to build up your experience levels.
  • The most consistent travel contracts are in ER, ICU, OR and L&D so keep that in mind.


 Second! The Rules For New Therapy and Lab Grads!

  • Good news! You CAN travel! 
  • Now, with Fusion you are mentored through your first assignment which we believe is not only an incredible opportunity but (let's be honest) a big relief, amirite?
  • Questions about anything (housing, charting, documenting, etc)? We'll team you up a veteran traveler to help you find the right answers. This way, if you're the only therapist on staff at a smaller hospital, you have a buddy to turn to in need. Isn't that great?

Also, Fusion's account managers have your best interests in mind. We aren't going to send you somewhere where you have a super heavy case load to take on solo. We have a bad feeling about that. (obligatory Star Wars pic forthcoming....in one...two...)

Han3_edited Solo scared. Solo confused.



Final tips!

  • Make sure you check the license turnaround time for states of interest. Some are really quick and some can take weeks/ months. Be prepared!
  • Pick the agency or recruiter that you have a good relationship with and someone that you feel is looking out for your best interest.
  • Put yourself out there! When you see a job, google the company, find out their goals. Same thing goes if you interview with them. Knowing about a company and asking THEM questions will always put you at the top of the list. They want to know you researched them has much as they did you.
  • Traveler or perm, don’t be afraid to ask questions! Everyone around you knows you are new, and they remember what that's like. When you are dealing with people and their health, you want to obtain all the knowledge you can -  so why not ask someone with a a decade or two under their belt?
  • Willingness to learn. It doesn’t mean you have to change and do things the way someone else does, but it's amazing what you can take in by being an open listener and allowing some criticism. It shows maturity and competency.


Whew! That was a lot, right? We hope you found our advice helpful and we wish you new grads all the luck in the world in your future careers! And don't forget to contact Fusion! We're always looking for new talent!























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