Top Questions Recruiters Hear Everyday

June 17, 2016


Fusion Medical Staffing

We hear a handful of the same questions everyday, no matter if we are talking with a new traveler or a seasoned veteran. Nurse Recruiters Thea Circo and Jess Jackson are here to answer some of those for you!

Top Questions:

Where are your jobs? 

Jess- When it comes to our open jobs at any given time, there could be several across the whole nation. We do staff nationwide, so it's important to know that as jobs open and close, we want to keep a good running list of the jobs we staff often, and the job we have great relationships with. We're split up here in recruiters and client managers. You have a team of people that are helping you develop your favorite type of job, and then also people marketing for you to help get in on those jobs. It's just important to know that it's kind of a revolving door and it could change at any time.

Thea- To piggy back off of Jess with where we have jobs, Fusion is really awesome. We work very, very differently than a lot of the companies in just handing out on all the jobs that we have. For us, it's super important to find the job that you are going to exceed at. Because if you're not going to succeed somewhere, you're going to back out of a contract, you're going to end your contract early. The possibility to extend just isn't going to happen, so we really take a lot of time in learning what your skill sets is at. The things that are super, super important for you. Then we dig in on the back-end of trying to find what is going to be the most successful for you. A lot of times, we'll throw things your way, that you never really even knew were an option, but in the long run you'll find that as like a perfect, perfect fit. We really like to take the time in just digging in to find like that perfect job, as supposed to giving you fifty jobs to choose from.

How much will I make?

Thea- When it comes to pay, there are so many factors that just are involved in the pay structures stuff. For example, like insurance. I know, we as a company actually covers 60% of the candidates cost, but we also don't want to punish those job travelers that aren't going to take our insurance. We have a set amount of money that we would pay for you as insurance for your insurance if you're going to take it. If you're not going to take it, let us know that upfront, because that money is going to get put back into your pay because that is something that you should be able to get. You know what I mean? That is a big major factor I guess when you're even talking about pay, is let out the insurance part of stuff.

Jess- Absolutely, I mean if you think about pay as an entire pie. Obviously, your company has to make money. Otherwise, you're not going to have a staff you need, we're not going to build beyond call. The company has to take their portion. From the rest of it, all of that gets distributed around. Our intention is always for you guys to be the happiest who want to travel with us forever. By paying you less than everybody else, obviously that's not going to happen. Our intentions are good. We take that money and try to maximize nontaxable income, so that you can take home the most. While still maintaining a really good wage.

Thea-  Yeah, we use like the government websites and stuff like that all the time, I'm always on like gsa.gov, just to make sure that the stipend in and all those things are conducive to what the government's going to allow. That's another big thing that we have, but travelers also need to understand that it's ultimately your package, so if there's something with the pay that you're just not comfortable with or you got questions on, we're able to move things around and we're able to educate you on what's not following within the guidelines. That's truly what we're here for is to make sure that our travelers are happy with what they're getting, and it's also following every rule that's out there.

Jess- Right, following the rules, and if you're hearing that a pay package is way higher than ours, talk to us about it. I know Thea's open, I'm open, we want to hear what you're getting paid, because it's the hospital that dictates the rate. It's them that dictates what they're going to be paying, and that can change it anytime. One traveler may come in in a little rate, one traveler they are paying a higher rate or a bonus. Talk to us about that, I see communication is a key.

Thea- That and you also needs to understand when talking with other companies, we always want to compare like apples to apples. Like some people will pitch like gross, like which is before tax are taken out, and a lot of times will do net pay. That's a big factor when you're talking with other companies, you always have to ask them a; is that net or is that gross, and then if it is net, like they're take home pay, you always have to dig in to a little bit more with that recruiter about exactly how much they're assuming for taxes. Because a lot of companies will come in at like at a 15-18% tax. I know we do somewhere in between 23 to 25.

Jess- I would rather you know what you'll be paid, or maybe slightly get paid higher and say, "Thanks Jess! It was more than I thought." Rather than meet promising you with the moon and the stars, and you're getting shorted.

Thea- It's just communication and really digging in to the whole package, and coming us to us with all that information, and we help dissect it. Housing is a really good question because that is definitely an animal on its own. We, in Fusion, don't really care what our travelers want. You guys can take the housing stipend and find your own housing, or we as a company can also provide it for you. That's also something that could actually be changed just long as you're not in the middle of your contract. If you upfront think, "I'm just going to try to find my own housing." And you're not having any luck trying to find your own housing, definitely get us involved. I know, I'd like to actually give resources like VRBO, AirBnB, there's actually Facebook Travel Website for housing that travelers really use to. All kinds of fits and fillers out myself to try that have the travelers find on their own.

If last resort you just can't, we as a company can step in and look at how much the housing is going to cost. Your pay is going to adjust a little bit differently, because you can't provide housing and get a housing stipend, so that's something that would have to be adjusted in the contract piece of it. That's definitely something that can be changed, but you also have to understand though that if you are going to allow us or you want us to do the housing. Sometimes what you guys are finding with housing is exactly what we're going up against, so it's not like we can magically come up with this awesome amazing housing that you guys couldn't find. We're all working together in that particular piece, but we are always here to help. I know as a recruiters are definitely going to help in every single way to try to help you find your own housing, if for somewhat reason you're not having luck on your own.

What if I don't like my assignment?

Jess-  You're getting on your assignment, you've been there a couple of week, and you're finding that it is really hard or just overall not fun. Not what you picture, whatever your reason is, you're hating your assignment, what do you do now? My first piece of advice to you is retouch your recruiter. We are here to hear you out, whether it just be a sounding board or if you really need some advice. You did sign a verbal contract and a written contract, so we obviously have to deal with all the back-end repercussions, but I would say overall we care about you guys as people. We want it to be good as assignment overall. That would be my first piece of advice, is talk to us.

Thea- My biggest piece of advice is there's a lot of information you could actually get when you're interviewing with the manager. It's so much better for you as a traveler if the manager, if you're asking questions from the manager about how's the unit like, do you guys have CNA's and LPN's. Do you guys use travelers? Are they traveler friendly? Sometimes there are hard questions to ask in an interview, but if they aren't super traveler and the manager does tell you that. You yourself are then to be able to determine, can I do this or not? If you do decide that ultimately, you can, you know going into it that you either have to have like a guard up or that it's just going to be a little bit more of a challenge as supposed to being strung off you, strung on you I guess. Be really proactive before you sign a contract. Ultimately, think if you're in something and you feel like your license is at risk and those different things. You need to get us involved because sometimes there are stuff that we can do, another times, there isn't. We always try to do everything that we possibly can, not in the contract but we've always got your best interest at heart. Then you know the hospitals too, we always get them involved and make sure we make the right decisions for everybody.

Jess- We're playing in both sides obviously. We have the place of the hospital and make sure you guys are comfortable. First thing, prepare, talk to your recruiter, make sure you know about this assignment, make sure we're answering your questions. Make sure you ask the right questions and interview, and then just know you are a traveler there to help that hospital. They are sometimes very disorganized, that's why they might need you. There might be people with an attitude problem on the unit, best thing is talk to your recruiter, we'll help you walk through the situation and make it better.

What does it cost to be a traveler?

Jess- You're thinking about travel, and you're thinking about what the heck does it cost. Can you afford to be a travel nurse? My answer to that is I would make a list of the things that would be important. One of them being your travel to the assignment. Just remember some of you are going across the country. That is not cheap, there might be hotel cost, there are gas costs, just anything you might want to be doing for entertainment on your way there. That's one of the more important thing. Another thing too is just remember that your housing as a big chunk of your pay, and what you'll be taking home. Sometimes, if you're setting up your own housing, there are deposits you'll want to remember. Any pet fees, things like that. One thing that people always asks us and Thea reminded me of is just you are paid a week behind. As you're getting started, you worked your full week, you're turning your time card to get paid that following Friday. That's essentially two to three weeks without pay. That's a big deal, and we all can relate to that. It's important to just prepare for that. As you're starting licensing in new states, that's a cost, and verification of your license. Just make a list of all those things plus any house rules you might be bringing along with you. Those are the top costs that we see.

Will I get reimbursed for any of those costs?

Thea-  One thing I guess to remember is that we at Fusion are here actually to support you like what are the cost of things like the license. Any certificate that you may need to get for the contract and those types of things. After ninety days, we actually as a company get $300 on a yearly basis to give to you or to reimburse you for certifications like ACLS, BLS, PALS, all of those different things too. Then we also talk about, like if you have to get a license in a different state to go into a contract with this, you will essentially have an upfront cost of the license that any like verifications that may come along with it, like the nurse's verification. I always suggest like mailing overnight, like your nurse's verification, the application, those different things. A; because it gets there in one day, and it's also trackable, and so the receipt and stuff like that all of those things that we as a company get reimbursed to you on your first check.

Why Fusion Medical Staffing?

Jess- You guys might be asking why Fusion? How are we different? I would just be telling you that they hired all of us with our unique abilities and we are based on us being humble, driven and positive. I'm telling you that all of my coworkers, we live by that, daily. I mean, if there's something that is not going right in the office, we're very upfront with each other. I think that communication does spill out unto our travelers because we want not only that in our office, but that out with the people that are working with us.

Thea- It's like our entire company. Right? They are the founders of our company, are so amazing to us employees. That every single day you want to come in here and you just want to like do your job and kick butt on what you're doing. Because this company is so supportive of you personally in what you want to achieve. I feel like that just spills over to like our travelers.

Jess- It's not because we're being watched or there's a contest to see who could be the most awesome. We really support each other, and I think we just like our job. That's the biggest thing, we have a good time, and we're the right people for this type of industry. It can be stressful, and I think we are able to support each other if one of us is having a crappy day.

Thea- I feel like they do a really good job with allowing us to do what we want to do. Like you said, they don't watch us, watch over us. You know what I mean? Like do what you need to do, to make people happy, be clear with the guidelines because everybody needs guidelines. We have so much control over our travelers in making them happy, that we're actually allowed like to give customer service that is beyond I think anywhere else. I think that's the biggest thing. Different price is just taking care of our people.

Jess- I love the support we get, they let us make our own decisions for you and some of our processes are just so much more stream lined because they're smart. They're not, do this because it's been done this way for fifteen years. No, we do innovate and in our own peers, we don't have to be a manager to make decisions around here, that's huge. We all have our own say of things. That's great.


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