Fusion's Own Fights for Batten Disease

October 4, 2013


Fusion Medical Staffing

4 mi run All of the runners who ran with Noah in to Omaha!

Tessie Childers, one of Fusion's account managers, teamed up with Noah Coughlan and other Batten families in Nebraska to raise awareness for Batten Disease. Tessie's step-son, Brandon, has Batten Disease. Noah is making the run across the country to raise awareness. Yes, you read correctly, ACROSS THE COUNTRY! All 3,100 miles are dedicated to finding a cure for Batten Disease. Last Sunday, Tessie hosted a party of over 300 people to welcome Noah to Omaha. Many people chose to run the 4 miles stretch with him as he came in to Omaha. They had a great turnout and raised a lot of money and awareness for the cause!

batten family The Batten families from Nebraska.


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