Interesting Home Remedy Approaches to Common Ailments

June 14, 2013


Fusion Medical Staffing

Ridiculous of effective? Some of these home remedies have been around for years, but do they hold any value? I'm sure as medical professionals, you have heard it all. What measures would you take to avoid traditional medicine?

Headache: Cut a potato in half and rub it on your forehead or just have someone come up behind you and pull your hair as hard as they can. This is for the treatment of a migraine. That doesn't sound any less painful than the headace itself.

Bleeding Cuts: Collect a bunch of spider webs and vigorously pack the wound with them to stop the bleeding. It's also recommended to chew them up and swallow them if you ever happen to come down with Malaria. gross.

Joint/ Knee Pain: We've all heard of magnet therapy for joint pain which may have some physiologic truth behind it, however people may have gone to extremes by drinking metal compounds for severe pain. Drinking silver is not recommended because it can lead to seizures, kidney damage, and many other ailments that can actually be worse than the original. Another (and much safer) suggestion for curing knee pain is to sleep with a bar of soap under your knee. We've heard the same works for RLS too. The brand delemma is still up in the air. Have you tried the soap trick and what brand do you think works best?

Toenail Fungus: Soak your toes in Listerine. Also, we've heard heard smothering them in Vapor Rub also does the trick.

Too much Ear Wax: An alternative to those uber trendy ear candles that can actually rupture your eardrum, is olive oil. Yes, it sounds like a greasy mess, but it breaks up the wax allowing it to run out.

Diarrhea: Drink a packet of powdered Jello and hot water. This is supposed to stick to your intestines and slow down the digestion process.

Bug Bites: Bathe in vinegar. Obviously you will probably be warding off the bugs and people alike.

Warts: Cover them in duct tape and be sure to change the tape every couple of days. Your goal is to deprive the wart of oxygen and kill the virus.

Body Odor: Milk of Magnesia. Then again, you may be drinking Jello after.

Hiccups: Who doesn't have their own remedy for these? To rid yourself of hiccups, you have to distract the vagus nerve. Downing a spoonful of sugar overloads the nerve endings in hopes of distracting and ending that reflex. Grandma was right for all these years...

Halitosis: Chew on some coffee beans. You may smell like coffee beans, but hey, at least it's better than bad breathe.

Sunburn: Mix together some yellow mustard and uhhh, vagisil? Not sure about using this one any time soon.

Motion Sickness: Suck on a lemon. The juice helps evaporate excessive saliva that is associated with the nauseous feeling.

Medical Professionals- we want to hear what you have to say about these crazy and sometimes gross remedies. What's the best one you've heard?



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