Happy National Dog Day!

August 26, 2014



We love our four legged babies here at Fusion! These pups are spoiled rotten, and without a doubt, part of the family. Are you a dog lover? Tell us about your dog(s) and share a photo or two!

puppies2 These two crazy boxers belong to Dustin Soash (Therapy Division)

fam2 It looks like these guys run the show at April Sachau's (Lab Division) house!

10304346_10202090911903617_6306086020523264867_n Ringo is just like one of the kids! He belongs to Autumn Rose!

Sara DogSara Spanjer (Nursing Division) has the most photogenic dog, ever.

photo Berkley makes the perfect babysitter at Bridget Weber's!

emy Even the dogs in Nebraska know when its Husker game day! This stud belongs to Brian Uitts (Therapy Division)

holly dog This tank belongs to Holly Fenn (Nursing Division). She has two more just like it!


chad dog This guy has some attitude about whatever is being said here. He belongs to Chad Crawford (Lab Division)

2014-08-26 08.36.36 It looks like a tight fit in that bed! These buddies belong to Becki Mousseau

photo These two spend every second together. Best friends! They belong to Haley Thomann

jillu This sweet girl also has a Golden Retriever for a brother. She belongs to Debbie Dorn (Lab Division)

jake pit This big boy was Jake Hann's (Lab Division) first "baby".

jess dog This beautiful girl belongs to Jessica McQuillan (Nursing Division), she is her pride and joy!

545795_10200608523396577_1446397007_n Someone loves running in the snow! He belongs to Malea Melis

donnie This little cotton ball belongs to Don Briganti (Therapy Division)

grant dog Another fluffy cotton ball. He may be a little shy about his haircut! He belongs to Grant Bockelman (Nursing Division)

463638_2725797230794_667502054_o This old girl helps take care of Tessie Childer's (Therapy Division) family!

sam young2 This guy melts hearts!  He belongs to Sam Young

belle  Have you ever seen a cuter face? She is the sweetest and belongs to Andrea Shultz

lil This girl loves getting one on one time with her mom, Melissa Wike (Nursing Division)


Please share you sweet fur babies with us!



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