Motivation on your travel assignment

September 12, 2016


Fusion Medical Staffing


Your hopes are high, your adrenaline is racing, and your postcards are ready to send to family. You are a travel nurse! Yeah baby! This is your time to shine! This assignment is what you have been waiting for.


Your dreams are filled with gumdrops and daffodils, and you are pictured in sparkly white scrubs (Yikes! What dream includes white scrubs?!)  Ok scratch that, but your scrubs are glowing and flattering, and everyone is lifting you up cheering “…jolly good fellow!” This is going to be epic.

But what if it isn’t? What now? Is this the hospital they listed on the website? And they want me to do WHAT with HOW MANY patients?  And what the WHAT is this computer charting system? Did I even get a full day of orientation?

So ok, I heard on the radio once that not everything can be wrapped up in “rainbows and unicorn farts…” That may sound brash, but it literally had me snorting and almost running into oncoming traffic, so maybe it can be useful in this situation.

The truth is, sometimes your contract assignment isn’t all you wanted it to be. So here are some thoughts from me (your trusty recruiter) to ease your mind or at least get you to call me and tell me how offended you are.  Sometimes patient ratios are high, and sometimes staffed nurses are low. That is why you are there. The hospital needs help. Be prepared for the worst, always. Hospitals fork out some serious bucks to get some help, and trust me, sometimes it isn’t until they are bent over backwards being water boarded by their staff that they open up the budget to bring you there. By this time it is often dire straits.

But you are a warrior. If you don’t know this yet, you will very soon! You will realize just how long one can go without using the bathroom. You will realize how may licks it takes to get to the center of the Tootsie Pop- just kidding, do you think you will get a break long enough to actually eat? You will learn that there is a “Popular Table,” at every hospital, and it will most likely not have a seat for you. “This seat’s taken” they will say.  Yes, yes they will.

But don’t sweat it young grasshopper- You know why they do what they do? Because secretly, they all just kinda want to be you! You don’t have to get wrapped up in hospital politics. You don’t have to stay after your contract is done. You don’t have to fall into the monotony of a boring daily routine. If the hospital is a bad relationship going nowhere, you can say “Peace out” at the end of your 13 weeks and never look back. You can put palm trees and ski resorts on your bucket list and actually get paid to vacation. You are also probably banking more cash than all the staff nurses, and so in your case, the grass IS greener on your side. You have the shinier bike in this case, expect some jealousy! But be humble my friends; be professional.  Be strong. Work your shifts, and put that smile on your face and think of what this will do for your resume and your resilience! This will make other contracts look like a cake walk.

What doesn’t kill you will make you stronger, so be ready to bench press that Buick my friends.

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