Traveler of the Month: Katie Stine

October 1, 2014


Fusion Medical Staffing

October is here and that means a new Traveler of the Month! Please say congrats to Miss Katie Stine! A traveler of Fusion for the last year, Katie is a dream to work with.  Her account manager, Corey Paulsen had nothing but great things to say when he nominated Katie.  "When I think of Katie, I think of hard-working, devoted, fun-loving…and the most kick-butt Lab Scientist!Put simply, Katie is a perfect representation of Fusion's culture, and is no doubt part of the Fusion family." 

Katie humored us by answering a few questions!

  1. How long have you been a traveler? I started traveling in 2011, but I have been with Fusion for just over a year.  Corey found me after an assignment in Spokane, WA with another company in 2012.  I was looking for something close to home & even though it wasn't a travel assignment, he matched me up with a hospital 30 min from my house, knowing it was what I needed at the time.  From that point, I knew would definitely come back to Fusion when I was ready to hit the road again, because it was a really considerate gesture from him & the company.
  2. What do you love about FUSION? I love Fusion because I don't feel like a number here.  I feel part of the team & valued.  Corey actually listens to his recruit's needs & he has always been awesomely patient when discussing a current assignment.  I never feel like I have to say yes or no on the spot, I can take a breath, think about it, & call him back.  Other travel companies want an answer immediately & the benefits aren't nearly as good either!
  3. Your favorite travel spot so far? Your dream spot? My favorite spot has to be my current assignment, Santa Monica CA.  My boyfriend & I live so close to Venice Beach & since we grew up in the northeast, living in sunny California with constantly perfect summer weather & so many activities is definitely more of a working vacation than anything.  My dream spot would be Boston.  I love the area & am a diehard Boston sports fan... I think it would be amazing to live there during baseball or hockey season, the energy is great, plus I would be close to my family-bonus!!!  Other than that, Hawaii sounds great of course!
  4. What is the most fun or interesting thing you’ve done while on assignment? (non-work related) We spent the weekend in Kings Canyon / Sequoia National Park.  It took my breath away seeing these ancient, giant trees.  Nature at its best.  The scenery was majestic & so beautiful.
  5. Hobbies? How you spend your time off? When I go home between assignments my hobby is seeing all my friends and family.  I never know how long I'll be gone again, & who will be able to come visit me, so I fill my time with everyone close to me.  Other than that, a sweaty yoga session & a great book is everything I need to be content.
  6. If you could time travel, what decade would you head back to first? The 60's, I love that Bohemian fashion!
  7. Any weird facts about yourself? I only write with my left hand, everything else is right-sided, like throwing a ball etc, weird indeed.
  8. If you could only take 3 items with you on a travel assignment, what would they be? With my cats, my hunnie, & my jeep I can do anything!
  9. Advice for new travelers? Take your time, don't rush, & ask every question that pops into your head.  Your manager will answer everything they can or find the resources needed to make you feel secure & confident in this crazy lifestyle.
  10. If not a traveling MT, what would be your “other” career? Yoga instructor.  It would have to be something completely outside the lab because I couldn't imagine doing anything other than my nerdy brand of science everyday until I got hooked on yoga.  I never had a plan b until I was practicing yoga for over a year & it became a lifestyle.
  11. Favorite junk food/guilty pleasure? A bag of butter popcorn and dump in peanut M&Ms.... YUM or good 'ol Ben & Jerry's, can't go wrong!
  12. Dog or Cat lover? Both! I love my two cats but I dream of rescuing a dog Every. Single. Day.
  13. How do you stay in touch with friends and family when you’re on assignment? Skype has definitely changed the travel world for the better & I love it, but I also make sure to write letters.  I got that from my mom, there is something about pen to paper, placing a stamp, & knowing someone will  smile to see something in the mail that's not a bill.  Writing a letter is just nice; I can't let go of it, & so many people have.


Katie with her parents!

Katie Stine 1


Katie and her "hunnie" :)

Katie Stine 2


Tree posing in a GIANT Sequioa!

Katie Stine 3


Clearly the need for a dog is obvious with her!

Katie Stine 4


Katie and Erin (who is a new Fusion travel! Woohoo! We love referrals!)

Katie Stine


Katie, you are a breath of fresh air! Thanks for being so awesome and we are glad to have you in the Fusion family!


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