Is RV Living Right for You?

September 19, 2013


Fusion Medical Staffing

rv-mirrorsThe Perks:

If you're a RV owner, traveling with it may be a no-brainer. You have your own things in the comfort of your own space, the money is great, and you don't have to pack your whole life up every 13 weeks. If you travel with a pet, it's even better! You won't have to pay a pet deposit in your temp housing. Bonus!

With an RV, you take the company stipend and use the money to pay for the RV spot which can vary place to place but roughly you can count on it being around $500 including your electricity, cable, and wifi. Depending on the state, your housing stipend may also be enough to cover the RV payment, insurance, gas, and even have some left over.

Another big perk of traveling in an RV is the independence of not being under contract. If the assignment were to get cancelled, shortened, or extended you have the flexibility to pick up and leave without having a huge payback or loss in deposit.

If you have a permanent home somewhere, you can also write off the RV payment as a second home.

Web-2012-06-Colo-Silverton-FunnyRV-PYR_8959The Negatives:

A RV park may be difficult to find depending on where your assignment is located.  In a bigger city, the RV park may be further out of town and a longer commute. This may not be a downside if you aren't afraid of a little longer drive.

Finding a RV park that takes monthly residents shouldn't be a problem, but finding the right RV park with the atmosphere and people you desire might be. This may take some research on the rules and management of the park.

You may also want to consider the weather in your location. Essentially, a RV is just a 'tin box' that may become very hot in the summer months and cold in the winter months. They have '4 Seasons' RV's that have heater water connections and extra insulation.


Distance of the assignment and the current gas price may play a factor in choosing to take your RV on assignment. Weather you choose company housing, find housing on your own, or RV it, Fusion is here to assist you in your needs. Contact an account manager about beginning your travel healthcare career!


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