Issues on Assignment: BACK-OUTS, Terminations, Quits

April 19, 2017



Not every assignment will be perfect. That is one of the toughest parts of traveling, in not knowing fully what to expect before getting to an assignment. There are 3 main reasons a contract would be ended. Those are because of a back-out, a termination, or quits. Each of those mean something very different to you, your travel company, and the facility. Here is some information to break those down! 


Back-out: This is pretty self explanatory. A back-out is when a traveler backs out of their assignment (and signed contract), prior to the start date. While we understand issues arise before you pack up and head to your assignment, we wanted to share what that means for all parties involved. For you, that could definitely burn bridges with the facility. If that facility is part of a hospital system, it could hurt your name for many other locations. For the agency you work for, this can mean a large fee, ranging from $500-$5,000. This also can tarnish their name and cause facilities to look elsewhere when hiring. For the facility, it leaves them with a need which was already in high demand, which can cause added stress to staff employees who are picking up the slack.  

These back-outs can often be prevented by making sure you are asking the right questions to not only your recruiter, but to the facility when you interview. Make sure you feel 110% prepared and on board before you sign a contract. 

Termination: There are a few different reasons a contract would be terminated. If a facility terminates the contract of a traveler without cause, it is likely they no longer needed them. Meaning, the traveler did nothing wrong, but the facility was able to find someone to fill the position or the census was low enough they were no longer needed. If this is something we see happen over and over with the same facility, we make sure to limit the amount we work with them, as we do not want to see travelers put out of a job. The other reason would be if a facility terminates the contract with a cause, such as clinical issues. This would mean the traveler did something extremely unethical, had communication and attitude problems, or a clinical error. 

Quits: Plain and simple, you quit your contract before it is done. Much like the back-outs, we understand life happens. There are many reasons travelers have to suddenly quit. Family emergency, you feel your license is in jeopardy, or the facility just isn't a good fit. Those are all common reasons we see travelers ended their contract. Overall, these tend to be issues that would still leave a traveler rehireable, but only if there is strong and continued communication. One major way to avoid leaving because the facility isn't a good fit, is again, asking the right questions. Ask them until you are blue in the face. You would much rather have a solid feel for the location, unit, management, than arrive and feel like nothing was communicated to you. Use your recruiters, they are here for you! 

Regardless the reason of a contract being ended, we have a team called the Review Board who meets to go over the details of the back-out/termination/quit. This is something required by the Joint Commission, and it allows us to fully evaluate the situation, while also determining if a traveler is in fact rehireable with Fusion. Because it is case by case, we take this process very seriously and make sure to weigh all sides available. If a traveler is determined rehireable, Fusion will make sure there is a plan of action to prevent these issues from reoccurring, such as counsel on attitude. We have always taken pride in the ability to be picky about who we work with, and the reasons above are why. As a medical professional, we want you to think about the type of person you would want coming to help your unit that is understaffed and extremely busy. Would you want someone who will back-out last minute? Or show up with grave clinical issues? Probably not. We always want to provide the best around! 

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