Nurses Are the Most Trusted Profession in the U.S.

August 4, 2023


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nurses are trusted-minNurses are the backbone of the healthcare system in the United States, and people know it — according to a recent Gallup poll, nurses have once again come out on top as the most honest and ethical profession in the country.

Although this number has fallen since the height of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, nurses are ranked significantly higher than the second-place profession, medical doctors, which are rated just slightly higher than the third-place profession, pharmacists.


Nurses Are the Most Trusted Profession in the U.S.


Nurses are considered the most ethical professionals

DYK: nurses are considered the most ethical professionals? Nurses continue to maintain their high reputation of ethics and nationwide trust because they not only provide quality care but possess extraordinary traits that make them unique and exceptional caregivers.

Commitment to their patients

One of the most significant factors contributing to nurses' top ethical rating is their unwavering commitment to their patients. Nurses are responsible for providing quality care, ensuring that patients are comfortable, and maintaining their dignity while they receive treatment. Every day, nurses and other medical professionals dedicate their time and expertise to ensure their patients' needs are met.

Ability to be empathetic

Compassion and empathy are critical traits that all nurses should possess. They acknowledge and understand the emotional needs of their patients, and they work to offer comfort and support throughout their healthcare journey. Nurses are taught to put themselves in their patients' shoes and treat them with kindness, compassion, and respect, which goes a long way in building trust with patients and their families.

Constant learning

Healthcare is an ever-changing profession, with new treatments and techniques emerging regularly. Nurses are committed to learning and discovering new methods to improve patient outcomes. They regularly attend workshops, conferences, and other educational opportunities to improve their skills and knowledge. This dedication to continuous learning helps them provide better care and encourages their patients' trust in them.

Ability to advocate for their patients

Nurses are often the closest caregiver to patients and, as a result, are in the best position to advocate for their needs. They ensure their patients' voices are heard to other healthcare professionals, and actively work to ensure they receive the best care possible. By standing up for their patients, they help build trust with their patients and demonstrate their ethical commitment.



Nurses’ exceptional traits set them apart from other professions and make them the most trusted healthcare professionals in the US, and their dedicated commitment and expertise should be celebrated.

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