Return to Work Solutions During COVID-19

August 10, 2020


Stephanie Goraczkowski

Fusion_ReturnToWorkSolutions_BlogAs we head into our fifth month of the pandemic, kids are returning to school and many are wondering what is on the horizon for businesses resuming and individuals returning to work. The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act that started in March 2020 ended its assistance at the end of July, leaving several individuals and businesses wondering how to make up the cost, get back to work and get the economy going again. The coronavirus pandemic enacted fast and prolonged shutdown measures in order to contain the virus and has since spiraled the global economy downward. Financial forecasts predict the global economy to diminish by 5.2% this year—the biggest recession since WWII.

It’s not just about going back to work and boosting the economy, though. It’s about how to do it safely. And with that comes a list of screening and support services that can help manage individuals returning to an in-person work environment and the businesses who must do so.


Return to Work Solutions During COVID-19


COVID-19 Screening Professionals 

Everyone wants their employees back to work safely and individuals returning to in-person work environments want to know their company has their safety in mind. Companies like Fusion are offering return to work solutions that handle the screening, so businesses can keep employees and customers safe and focus on maintaining growth. These healthcare professionals can help provide and maintain a healthy work environment throughout the COVID-19 pandemic or implement additional safety measures to keep daily operations safe for everyone. Qualified staff is provided for on-site healthcare professionals and certified temperature screeners.


Keeping the work force safe during uncertain times

No two businesses are alike. Depending on company size, structure, and line of work, different solutions are needed in order to maintain a healthy in-person environment for all. A variety of back to work solutions are offered, depending on company need, including:

Temperature Checks. Qualified staff ensure all employees receive a temperature screening upon entering the workplace each day. This helps reduce viral spread and confirms sick employees are treated or quarantined early on.

COVID-19 Testing. Whether an employee has a high temperature, or you'd like to screen all employees prior to resuming business, Fusion can assist in administering COVID-19 tests to ensure safety in the workplace.

Diagnosis. Get the answers you need to create a better work environment for your employees. Fusion can provide qualified staff for diagnoses regarding COVID tests, so employees can get back to work confidently.

On-Site Clinic Support. Fusion gives you the resources your need to staff your on-site clinic and provide a safe place for employees and customers to visit for swabbing, temperature checks, and answers.


It’s not clear if or when a new government assistance plan for COVID-19 will be authorized, but we can all do our best to maintain safety and health in and out of the workplace. If you or your business needs a COVID-19 workplace safety solution, Fusion has the right people for the job. Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll get you the right solution. Just fill out the form.

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