#SprocketBlog: 4 Tips For Bringing Your Dog On Assignment

October 16, 2017


Stephanie Goraczkowski

Hi there, Fusion followers! Sprocket Dog here with our new segment, #SprocketBlog!

I’m new to this whole writing thing, so allow me to formally introduce myself—my name is Sprocket, and I am one of the four-legged friends here at Fusion headquarters!


See. That's me! Hanging out on my desktop at work. I like to keep pictures of me and my family around, and I bring my teddy bear to work too, so I don't get lonely. Not that it's easy being lonely here; I have a LOT to do! I spend my days checking in with people to make sure they’re up to speed on their jobs. Sometimes, I even dabble in some video work:


I'm not used to being a one-dog camera crew, but I'm working on it. Maybe I can make a cool video for you guys soon! Boy oh boy, it’s real “ruff” being the top pup around here.

I understand we have a lot of topics to cover when it comes to furry traveling companions. I’m your resident canine expert, so I’ll be guest writing blog posts here and there to answer all your questions! Let’s get started…

So, you’re bringing your dog with you on your assignment? Oh boy! I bet they’re excited. Us dogs like to explore new places too! But traveling there can be a little hard on some of us.

Sprocket Tip #1: Travel safe and healthy.

Well this seems like a no-brainer, right?! But there’s a lot that goes into keeping us safe while we’re on the road. No matter if it’s a short trip across town, or a cross-country road trip, some of us get car sick. Yuck. It’s no fun. So try and keep us comfy during the ride. Ask a vet for some advice and give us a safe, cozy crate to hang out in during the ride. Speaking of vets—for longer travel, we need a vet checkup to start out. Gotta make sure we’re healthy to go on that road trip!

It’s details like these that keep us safe to hang out with you on your assignment. Another thing to keep in mind for when you arrive…

Sprocket Tip #2: Make sure your housing assignment allows pets.

If I were a travelin’ dog, and I got to a new house where I wasn’t welcome, I’d feel pretty sad. Back to the kennel for me… No fetching or exploring.

Oh yeah! So speaking of exploring—you could probably use some ideas on how to keep your furry friend entertained while you’re out there working and playing! When I’m not at the office, holding down the fort and keeping everyone in line, I don’t wanna be bored.

Sprocket Tip #3: Plan different activities based on the personality of your pup.

What I mean here is, some dogs like romping around in the outdoors, rain or shine. Personally, I prefer the dog park. And some dogs prefer snuggling up in their favorite blanket. (Or super warm laundry straight from the dryer! Isn't that the best?!) So make sure your dynamic duo activities go along with what your furry pal likes too. I know there’s a lot of hiking dogs out there! Which leads me to my next tip…

Sprocket Tip #4: Let’s make friends!

We kinda don’t like it when you leave us home alone. I like to go wherever my people are. Most of the time, I follow them from room to room. You have this whole job thing going on, and we sort of understand… but we wanna play with you too! Did you know that you can hire other people to hang out with us so we don’t get lonely? Dog walkers and temporary dog sitters can help take care of us while you’re working your shift. Plus, we like new human friends to play with!

So there you have it. Some tips and tricks to keep your pup travelin’ around with you. You can read a broader overview of traveling with pets here, too.

I gotta get back to my busy day here the office. Until next time, friends!


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