#SprocketBlog: Winter Traveling With Pets

December 7, 2017


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Sprocket_Winter.jpgHi there, Fusion followers! Sprocket Dog here with a new #SprocketBlog post. Look at my festive red holiday sweater. (Sometimes I like to ham it up here at work.)

This month, we’re putting the “brrr” back in your bark with tips on traveling with your furry friends in the winter time. There’s a lot that goes into traveling with your pets, and even more things to consider when it’s extra cold out, regardless of whether you’re traveling by car, plane, or sled dog. (Ha! Kidding. Us lap pups like to ride up front, not pull you along.)


Always have ID.

We’re talking about pet ID. Just in case we get lost, or there’s an emergency, it’s always great to make sure our collars are properly tagged with the right info, like our name, your contact info, and a rabies tag. Having us microchipped is also a good call.


Check your hotel pet policies.

Are you staying at a hotel during your winter road trip? Sadly, not all hotels are pet friendly hotels, so bet sure you call them up as ask about their policy. Also, if you’re staying with friends or family, don’t assume your furry friend is welcome to stay too. While we love meeting new people and having slumber parties just as much as you do, we understand people can have allergies and they may not want our furry bodies shedding all over their pillows.


Check your airline pet policies.

There’s this really great blog post on Bring Fido, that lists all of the airlines and their different rules and regulations on flying with little fur bugs like us! It even has international airlines listed, so if you’re planning on traveling the world between assignments, it can be helpful for that too. Also remember that if you plan on putting us in the cargo hold, most airlines have temperature restrictions and won’t accept cargo hold pets if the temperature is below 45°F. If we’re small enough, it’s best to have us ride in an airline approved pet carrier in the cabin with you!


Pack up!

You probably already know to pack the essentials, like collapsible bowls and plenty of food and water. It helps to pack a few big water bottles to stash away during the journey. Oh! I almost forgot! We wanna stay warm too. Now is the time to bring out the pet sweaters! Like my red sweater! If your little buddy isn’t really a fan of the pet clothing, then a cozy blanket, bed, or hideaway works too. I hear that your feline friends like those cozy wool cat caves, like this one, to curl up into. Oh boy, a cat cave! That looks fun! It's like an on-the-go pet fort! Although, if you’re traveling by air, chances are your kitty friend will need to stay in a travel crate or bag, so maybe just make sure they are cozy in there, and save the cat cave for your destination. Ok, how about a list to remember the things you need? It could come in handy:

-Collapsible food and water bowls

-Food and water, of course!

-A pet sweater

-A travel bed, blanket, and/or cat cave

-Travel crate (to keep us safe in air transport, and in the car to your destination)

-A comfort toy (keeps us occupied in transit, and helps us feel secure with familiar objects)


Learn some road trip guidelines for pets.

Get a pet First-Aid Kit in case of an emergency. You know us pups—we tend to get into some mischief and it can lead to some not-so-pleasant results. A First-Aid Kit can help us out of some sticky situations, and can even be a good way to fix minor injuries until you can get us to an emergency vet. You can make your own kit too! Check out the list on this blog we found.


Don’t leave us alone. If you’re traveling by car, don’t leave us in there by ourselves for too long. Just like hot weather, cold weather can be unsafe in a car too.


Make frequent stops. Just like you humans, we need time to stretch our legs and take a potty break. Bored pups get a bit stir crazy!


Wipe those paws. If we’re out and about on one of our breaks, that road salt and ice chunks can really irritate our little feet. Make sure you wipe off our paws (and get in between the toes too!) before we head back into the car.


Always remember, your furry friends like to cuddle. And cuddling can be the best way to stay warm during these cold months, so snuggle up and give us some lovin’... and treats! Speaking of which, check out my silly blooper photos after I nibbled a bit of pumpkin pie:



Yum! I'm really getting into the holiday spirit around here.

Oh! By the way, you can read a broader overview of traveling with pets here, too.

Until next time, friends!


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