The 11 Best Apps for Physical Therapists

October 17, 2016


Fusion Medical Staffing

In the busy world we live in, it seems there is an app for everything. And why shouldn't there be? We all have our electronic devices on us at all times, frequently checking and them using them during our day to day routines. These apps are the best picks for all our Physical Therapists out there! Tell us-  what app helps YOU the most each day?

Physera - This app is the perfect resource when creating an exercise routine. With over 100 different exercises and descriptions, this is perfect to help out when you are needing to be creative! 

Pocket Anatomy - You PTs are smart cookies, but sometimes you just need a fresher or a quick reference when dealing with your patients.

Shoulder Decide (See also: Knee Decide + Spinal Decide) - All three of these apps include 3D models you can manipulate with the touch of your finger and get a better look at what you may be dealing with.

Goniometer - We think one speaks for itself! Why wouldn't you want the app version?! Carrying around your goniometer is as much a part of your day as carrying around your phone or car keys.

iOrtho + Special Tests and Manual Techniques - This app gives you access to tests and techniques when it comes to caring for your patients. You can track the tests you have found to be your favorites so you can refer back to them anytime you want.

BlueJay PT - This app allows your patient to take their exercises home with them. You can also communiate through the app and send them information or other exercises.

ICD10 Consult 2017 - Among several other features, this app finds the perfect coding for you.

PhysioAdvisor Exercises - Another exercise resource to improve everything from strength to coordination. Useful for both you or your patients. 

Physical Therapy Case Files Series - Stay sharp and up to date on things going on in the PT world. Read various case studies all day long.

PhysPrac - Create your exercise plans and send them to your clients. Similar to BlueJay PT but a variety of other features as well.

CORE - Clinical ORthopedic Exam - A reference tool option for diagnosing orthopedic and musculoskeletal issues. 

PT Timer Stretch & Exercise - More than just the sto- watch feature on your phone; you can be specific on the stretch or movement with custom times for each. Super handy! 



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