Top 8 Healthcare Specialties in Demand For 2020

October 15, 2020


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The need and availability of healthcare jobs have been all over the map during COVID-19. Earlier in the year, several clinics closed, leaving some healthcare workers and traveling medical professionals wondering where their next job would be and when. The pandemic has tipped the balances of healthcare jobs all over the U.S. and with it, the need for certain healthcare specialties have ebbed and flowed. Here’s where we need traveling medical professionals for the remainder of 2020.



Top 8 Healthcare Specialties in Demand For 2020



More healthcare professionals are needed in home health

One area of healthcare that has been on the rise is home health. The Home Care Association of America and the Global Coalition on Aging states that 90 percent of Americans ages 65 and older want to stay in their homes for as long as possible. With this population aging, home healthcare can provide a valuable and less-costly option to hospital visits or moving to an assisted living facility when illness, age-related health problems, or injuries occur. Because our elderly population continues to grow, the demand for home health care does as well.

Currently, home health nurses are needed for thousands of people with COVID-19 or at risk of the virus who don’t require hospitalization but may need home care. Home health nurses are also needed for post-hospitalization care for those who are hospitalized with the virus now and will need home care when they are discharged. Home health travel nurses are in demand for people with underlying medical conditions, who may be less inclined to go to the hospital for care due to the pandemic. They are also in demand because of aged people who are less willing to move into nursing homes due to the death rate.

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Cardiopulmonary jobs are on the rise this year

As the pandemic continues, it’s clear that additional travelers in cardiopulmonary jobs are needed. Traveling RRTs and CRTs are needed, because of the nature of COVID-19 and how severely it affects the respiratory system. Respiratory therapists are needed to run ventilators, clear the airways of patients, monitor their breathing and circulation, and perform other healthcare tasks in outpatient care. The demand for ventilator management has increased the demand for respiratory therapists. 

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Various nursing positions have been in demand throughout the pandemic

Hospitals have been concerned about the shortage of ICU nurses as they confront the coronavirus pandemic. Because this is a high-risk profession during a viral outbreak, some nurses opt to quit their healthcare jobs to avoid risk to themselves and their families, and to deal with how the pandemic has affected their home life as well. Hospitals treat critically ill patients with COVID-19 in ICU, so the need for ICU nurses to help care for patients is high.

CNAs are essential every day, because of how much they impact the lives of their patients. Even more now during a pandemic, CNA’s are needed to continually disinfect rooms and bed linens to help lower the risk of COVID-19 infection. They are also needed to monitor temperature from time to time and to record patient medicine intake. So many small tasks are needed from CNAs as hospitals remain busy with coronavirus response care. As public spaces open up, the influx of patients will put CNAs more in demand as well.

LPNs equipped with the right training are in demand to help patients through this pandemic. They provide basic nursing care to patients not only needed in hospitals but also alternate care facilities and nonhospital settings.

Due to the pandemic, hospital systems have been strained and there is a shortage of ER nurses and ER techs everywhere. They need to monitor the patient's temperature, blood pressure, and to help doctors in medical emergencies, like COVID-19 hospital admittance. They are in demand for collecting samples from patients and to support the medical team within an emergency room of hospitals.

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While some healthcare jobs have waned throughout the pandemic, there is high demands for certain specialties that could help during COVID-19. Traveling healthcare professionals in these fields can search for their next travel job now, wrap up the year, and start 2021 on the right foot with a new travel assignment.

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