Top 6 Locations for Cardiopulmonary Healthcare Professionals

January 3, 2022


Megan Bebout

Top States for Cardiopulmonary JobsA career in healthcare travel takes you to prime locations across the country, allowing you to treat patients, offer care, and save lives of those in need. Cardiopulmonary, cardiac rehabilitation and respiratory care healthcare travelers are no different. These exceptional healthcare professionals are experts on all things heart and lung related.

Cardiopulmonary and respiratory therapists work primarily with patients who have been diagnosed with some type of heart or lung diseases, like bronchitis, asthma, chronic pulmonary disease (COPD), or something else. Sure, they’re wildly in demand in all 50 states across the U.S., but these are the top six states in need of traveling cardiac rehab professionals.


Top 6 Locations for Cardiopulmonary Healthcare Professionals


1. Texas

You’ve heard the common phrase — everything is bigger in Texas. Well, that also includes the need for cardiopulmonary and respiratory care workers.

Did you know that heart disease, coronary artery disease, and stroke are among the top three causes of death in Texas? Together, they account for about three out of every ten deaths in the state. Not to mention the financial burden that comes from heart disease and stroke is substantial and expected to continue to rise in the future.

To help alleviate some of the pains felt in Texas, there is a need for more cardiopulmonary and respiratory therapy travel workers and to treat patients with an individualized cardiac rehab program. The more heart and lung function experts there are available to treat the state’s population, the more hospitalizations can be avoided.

2. California

There are nearly 40 million people living in California alone, and by 2030, more than 8 million will be aging baby boomers. With such a large aging population who may be looking at major heart and lung procedures such as coronary artery bypass surgery, California is in need of all healthcare workers, including cardiopulmonary professionals. To be precise, the state of California is expected to see a 16% increase of cardiopulmonary and respiratory therapists by 2028, so add this state to your bucket list!

3. Florida

If you know anything about Florida, it may be that it’s the prime place to retire with its sandy beaches and temperate climate. Another key fact to note is that with upwards of 3.5 million Florida residents retirement age and older, there’s a greater need for cardiopulmonary professionals throughout the state.

Age causes natural changes in heart and lung health and may also increase a person’s risk of heart disease, heart attack, heart failure, or stroke. In 2018, there were more than 80,000 coronary heart disease hospitalizations, with an average of 220 hospitalizations each day in Florida alone. Consider taking a travel assignment in the "Sunshine State."

4. Georgia

Fun fact: cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the “single leading cause of death in Georgia,” according to the state’s Department of Public Health. CVD includes all types of heart disease like stroke, congestive heart failure, hypertension, and more.

As a registered respiratory therapist, certified respiratory therapist, or cardiovascular and pulmonary rehabilitation specialist, you are an expert in all things CVD and beyond. Not only can you help treat diseases, cardiopulmonary and respiratory care workers can also identify certain risk factors and help build cardiac rehabilitation programs for each individual.

Through nationwide partnerships, the Georgia Department of Health and Human Services helps others live heart-healthy lives by promoting the ABCD’S:

  • A = Aspirin, when appropriate
  • B = Blood pressure control
  • C = Cholesterol management
  • D = Diabetes management
  • S = Smoking cessation

Take your knowledge of heart and lung disease on the road to visit Georgia and help the state combat heart disease while providing emotional support and helping improve the quality of life for individuals.

5. Colorado

As the weather gets colder, more viruses tend to live longer and spread easier as we cozy up together indoors. And in Colorado, if you’re not snuggled up near a fireplace during the winter, then you’re probably outside hitting the slopes. Either way, the chances of contracting a respiratory illness are pretty high. According to The Gazette in Colorado Springs, the 2021-2022 flu season is likely to be pretty severe.

Sure, cardiopulmonary and respiratory therapy workers are busy year-round, but they face an increased demand during the winter season when cold, flu, and other respiratory illnesses thrive. Currently, Colorado faces a surge in illnesses like respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), bronchiolitis, colds, and coronavirus. So, if you’re a cardiopulmonary expert or respiratory care therapist looking for a travel job, lend a helping hand and make your way to Colorado.

6. Pennsylvania

From dogsledding, skiing, ice fishing, and more, Pennsylvania is full of thrilling outdoor winter activities. But extended time outside in the cold can also worsen the immune system and make it easier to catch the common cold, flu, or other viruses. In fact, the Pennsylvania Department of Health estimates that anywhere between 5 and 20% of Pennsylvanians get the flu each year.

Of the nearly 13 million Pennsylvania residents, there are less than 4,000 cardiopulmonary workers in the state. Grow that number and head to Pennsylvania for your next cardiopulmonary travel job.



Cardiopulmonary and respiratory care workers are vital to healthcare. They’re the experts on the lungs, rib cage, diaphragm, heart, and blood vessels, and help diagnose and treat patients with heart or lung conditions. In addition to the nursing shortage, the country faces a need for cardiopulmonary and respiratory care workers, as well. Help bridge the gap and take your knowledge to the road as a traveling cardiopulmonary specialist.