Fusion Community Focus Helps Local High School

April 3, 2012


Fusion Medical Staffing








Can you remember back to your first ever job interview? Most people would probably so they were a bundle of nerves. The few of us who were not nervous either had a lot of confidence or we may have been given several opportunities to practice before we had the real interview.

Early in March, Fusion Community Focus participated in Partners Assisting Youth, Business And Community or PAYBAC Interviews for high school students. The PAYBAC program encourages educational excellence and expands diverse learning opportunities for both students and adults. Two internal employees from Fusion Medical Staffing conducted mock interviews to help students prepare themselves for future job and college interviews. Many of the students had those same anxious feelings as they approached the interview table and started the process. By the end of the session, the students felt a little more confident about going into a real interview, and Fusion Community Focus was happy to help.

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