7 Ways To Make Short-Term Living Feel Like Home

August 10, 2017


Fusion Medical Staffing

GettyImages-1397371405-minThe life of a traveler can be adventurous, fun and new at every turn. It’s an awesome job and you get to do it! But sometimes you miss the familiar comforts of home. We get it… and we have a few ideas. See how you can add a few personal touches to your short-term living to make it feel more like your own.

7 Ways To Make Short-Term Living Feel More Like Home


Temporary wallpaper

Goodbye drab, beige walls! Add some color or a fun pattern to your wall with peel-off wallpaper. It’s temporary so you won’t damage your walls, and you can peel it off when you move to your next assignment. See what colors and patterns suit you here.


family photos

Photos of friends and family

Adding personal photos can be a nice reminder of the people who care for you back home. Frame a bunch of photos of trips and other special moments with your family and friends, or add a few mementos and trinkets to your table to remind you of those good times.



Favorite blanket or throw/ your own sheets

Everyone likes getting cozy on the couch to watch a movie. What’s the first blanket you always grab? That comfy one you snuggle up in can be a great reminder of home, so take it with you! Now you can feel a little more at home during your Netflix nights.



Potted plants

Adding a little greenery to your living quarters can help it feel more cheerful. Consider getting a plant that is low maintenance. If you don’t have a lot of natural light, get one that does well in offices or low-light environments. Plants can be healthy for you too, because they help circulate and clean the air. If you have pets living with you, remember to do your research on which plants can be toxic to them.

We like these: money tree, aloe vera, spider plant, snake plant, rubber plant



Wall diffuser, home scent

Sometimes a certain scent can remind you of home. Have a favorite candle you like to burn? Stock up on that scent with diffusers or super easy wall plug-ins. (An unattended candle can cause some mayhem, and some temporary housing places don’t allow an open flame.)



Make your favorite food

Whether it’s your family’s secret lasagna recipe or boxed mac and cheese from your college days, making your favorite comfort food hits you right in the feels and can be a good way to instantly add a little taste of home to your living quarters.



Stay organized

Nothing makes you feel more disheveled and anxious than all of your stuff strewn about. When you arrive to your new assignment, be sure to fully unpack. Putting your things away can give you a better sense of placement, rather than living out of your suitcase like a nomad.


The important thing to remember is that wherever you roam, you can make it your home with a few personal touches and a whole lot of love.

Talk to your recruiter to get started on your next assignment. Maybe you can tell them about your grandmother's lasagna recipe, too.