6 of the Best Dog Breeds for Your Healthcare Traveler Lifestyle

January 2, 2024


Megan Bebout

DecBlog_BestDogBreeds-minAlready a proud dog parent? Eager to become one? You’ll be happy to know that you’re more than welcome to bring your four-legged friend with you on your healthcare travel assignments!

But have you ever wondered what kind of dog would be your match and fit right into your travel lifestyle? Whether you’re scaling mountains or enjoying a quiet evening after a long shift, these are six of the best dog breeds for travel nurses and allied health travelers.


6 of the Best Dog Breeds for Your Healthcare Traveler Lifestyle


Chill dogs

French bulldog

GettyImages-1425107939-minLooking for a pup that will match your chill vibes and relaxing energy? Ranked as the most popular dog breed in the U.S. by the American Kennel Club, a French bulldog may be the perfect paw-fect pal for you.

French bulldogs, lovingly known as Frenchies, make excellent partners for healthcare travelers. Compact and easily adaptable, these small dogs do great in apartment living and react well to frequent moving. They’re also known for being calm and low energy, plus require minimal exercise, which are traits that may suit your busy schedule as a nurse or allied professional. At the end of the day, French bulldogs just simply want to love you and your family.

Best qualities

🐶 Adaptable to different living environments

🐶 Low exercise needs

🐶 Easy to groom


🐶 Dangerous to fly

🐶 Sensitive to extreme temperatures

🐶 Snore loudly

Boston terrier

GettyImages-1370511233-minWant a small, yet sociable dog that you can bring with you on all your travel adventures? From coffee shop visits to walks in the park, a Boston terrier will happily go where you go.

Known for their friendly disposition, Boston terriers don’t shy away from new experiences. Whether it’s hopping in and out of planes or switching between temporary living spaces, your Boston terrier is sure to take it all in stride. Smart and easy to train, this small dog excels at dog sports, as well as keeping your bed warm while you’re away. Their combination of size, friendliness, and low-maintenance care makes Boston terriers an ideal sidekick for travel nurses and allied travelers, no matter where you go.   

Best qualities

🐶 Intelligent and trainable

🐶 Easy to groom

🐶 Wonderful family dogs


🐶 Tendency to overeat

🐶 Stubborn

🐶 More likely to develop eye and respiratory health issues

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Pembroke Welsh corgi

GettyImages-1276788283-minLoveable. ✅ Playful. ✅ Trainable. ✅ Pembroke Welsh corgis check all the boxes. Here’s why this dog breed is a top choice among healthcare travelers.

Easy-going by nature, corgis are just as happy exploring a dog park in your new city as they are snuggling up in a cozy hotel room with you after a long day. They’re also well-known for their intelligence so they can quickly pick up on fresh routines and environments. With a bright personality, you’ll never be short of entertainment with a corgi by your side on your travel adventures.

Best qualities

🐶 Friendly and outgoing

🐶 Quick learner

🐶 Comfortable in various living situations


🐶 Chronic shedder

🐶 Tend to be vocal

🐶 Prone to hip dysplasia

Active dogs

Labrador retriever

GettyImages-1003568608-minIf you’re a fan of the outdoors and love to stay active, then a Labrador retriever may be the best dog breed to fit your lifestyle. And according to the American Kennel Club, they're one of the most popular dog breeds in the country!

Champions at getting used to new places, Labrador retrievers have an enthusiasm for exploration that makes them quick to adjust and learn. Whether it’s a city buzz or countryside tranquility, a warm beach or a snowy mountain, Labradors are always game. More than happy to join you wherever you go, Labrador retrievers can keep pace with you every step, leap, and bound of the way.

Best qualities

🐶 Enthusiastic and loyal dogs

🐶 Cope well with change

🐶 Smart and easy to train


🐶 Shed heavily

🐶 May struggle with separation anxiety

🐶 Need constant stimulation

Portuguese water dog

GettyImages-1351502485-minLively and athletic, Portuguese water dogs (aka “Porties”) will ensure you’re never bored on your days off. The tricky part may be keeping up with these active dogs.

Very go with the flow, Porties can make themselves comfortable in any situation, which can be a major benefit when you’re moving from city to city for your allied or travel nursing jobs. Not only that, but they’re also known for their eager-to-please, friendly demeanor, making them easy to train and socialize with both humans and other dogs. Pro tip: as the name suggests, Portuguese water dogs love to swim, so if you’re looking for a sure-fire way to tire out your Portie, take them to the water!   

Best qualities

🐶 Hypoallergenic

🐶 Independent

🐶 Good with kids


🐶 Requires regular grooming

🐶 Mischievous

🐶 Bored easily

Yorkshire terrier

GettyImages-1328411209-minSearching for a small dog with a big personality that will fit in with your lifestyle? A Yorkshire terrier, or Yorkie, may be the fur-ever friend you’re looking for.

These pint-sized dogs are small in stature, making them easy to transport and suitable for various accommodation sizes, even the most compact of living quarters. Friendly and outgoing, Yorkies are reveled for their bravery and can provide much-needed emotional support after a tough shift.

Best qualities

🐶 Long lifespan

🐶 Loyal and affectionate

🐶 Sheds lightly


🐶 Physically fragile

🐶 Can be difficult to train

🐶 May be prone to dental issues



Frequently traveling for work can be challenging, but having a furry friend along for the ride can be an absolute game-changer. Not only do dogs provide a sense of comfort and familiarity in new environments, but they also encourage the essential habits of exercise and social interaction. The best part is that all dogs are good dogs, so you can’t go wrong no matter the breed!