What Healthcare Travelers Love About Fusion Medical Staffing Recruiters

June 5, 2023


Megan Bebout


Living life on the road as a professional travel nurse or allied health traveler can be lonely. But as a Fusion Medical Staffing traveler, you’re never alone — you have your trusty healthcare travel recruiter by your side.

Whether you need help finding your next med travel job, a supportive pep talk before your first night shift, or an advocate in workplace conflict, your Fusion Medical Staffing recruiter is here for you. Here’s why Fusion Medical Staffing travelers love their recruiters.


What Healthcare Travelers Love About Fusion Medical Staffing Recruiters


1. Their medical travel industry knowledge

Fusion Medical Staffing healthcare travel recruiters are not only knowledgeable about the medical travel industry, but they also know their stuff about your particular specialty and expertise. That means that travel nurse recruiters are experts on all things travel nursing, radiology recruiters keep up with all the rad trends, and therapy recruiters know it all when it comes to physical therapy (PT), occupational therapy (OT), and speech-language pathology (SLP).

“I love working with such a great, cohesive team that is always there to help in a quick, efficient manner,” said Fusion Medical Staffing traveler Chris. “Everyone that I’ve encountered with Fusion has been very kind, knowledgeable, and eager to answer any questions I may have.”

Knowledgeable recruiters make your life easier as a traveler because your recruiter is constantly keeping up with industry knowledge, like healthcare staffing trends, themes, and data. Fusion Medical Staffing travel nurse recruiters and allied health travel recruiters then use this information to help you get to where you want to be in your medical travel career.

2. They’re strong communicators

Did you know that 89% of people believe solid communication is extremely important? Fusion Medical Staffing recruiters think so, too. Not only do they believe in effective communication, but the best recruiters also practice their communication skills every day.

“[My recruiter] has really been there every step of the way with me,” said Fusion Medical Staffing traveler Trevin. “From deciding and applying to multiple contracts, reaching out to them with questions I’ve had, and communicating back with me in a timely manner. One thing specifically she has asked me how my contract is going and if I needed anything throughout the entirety of my contract. I’ve been through many recruiters that have lacked communication skills, but [Fusion Medical Staffing recruiters] have been outstanding.”

When it comes to the recruiter-traveler relationship, communication is key. You need a travel recruiter who will say what they mean and mean what they say so you’re never left wondering what was unsaid between the lines. Good communication between a healthcare recruiter and a professional traveler helps build trust, weeds out ambiguity, and strengthens the relationship between you and your recruiter.

“I love that my recruiter shows that she cares,” said Fusion Medical Staffing traveler Kathy. “If there’s an issue, she is on top of it and gets it taken care of immediately. Communication with all Fusion staff is quick and informative. I feel they always have my back and are very responsive.”

Fusion Medical Staffing recruiters know communication is a big piece of the recruitment puzzle, and they’re ready to use their communication skills to help piece it all together so you can see the bigger picture of your travel journey.

3. They’re patient listeners

Just like good recruiters are effective communicators, Fusion Medical Staffing recruiters are also patient listeners. Sure, recruiters are often the ones communicating job information and travel updates to their medical travelers, but their ability to find a balance between listening and talking is unmatched.

When you partner with a travel nurse recruiter or allied health travel recruiter that integrates communication and listening skills into everyday conversations, your life becomes just a little bit better. At Fusion Medical Staffing, you can be open, honest, and transparent with your recruiter on how you feel, where you want to go, how an assignment is going, and then some. Even better, you’ll have the comfort of knowing your Fusion Medical Staffing recruiter is open, honest, and transparent with you, as well, so you’ll know that they have your best interest in mind and at heart.

“My recruiter is an incredible asset to the company!” said Melissa, a Fusion Medical Staffing traveler. “I always feel as if he has my best interest at heart! I never feel like I work ‘for’ Fusion, but rather ‘with’ Fusion!”

4. They’re the definition of trustworthy

Trust is one of those concepts that’s introduced to us at a young age. As we get older, we learn that trust is precious because it can be hard to earn and easy to lose. That’s why it’s important to work with a travel recruiter who values trust.

“[My Fusion Medical Staffing recruiter] is someone I feel that I can trust and come to with any problems,” said Fusion Medical Staffing traveler Alex. “She is understanding, caring, honest, and respectful when it comes to this line of work. She was there for me when I had any questions or concerns no matter the time of day or situation.”

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Multiple studies show that the more trust there is between a team, the better the team’s performance. A solid foundation of trust allows you and your Fusion Medical Staffing recruiter to communicate openly and honestly, which can lead to better job opportunities for you and funnel down to improved patient care. The trust between you and your recruiter is like the fuel that keeps your travel journey running smoothly.

5. They’re always there when you need them

Perhaps the biggest thing that sets Fusion Medical Staffing recruiters apart from other travel nursing recruiters and allied health travel recruiters is their unbeatable reliability. At Fusion Medical Staffing, your recruiter knows you work weird hours as a medical professional. So, don’t worry about texting your recruiter or shooting them an email in the middle of the night — that’s what they’re there for.

Of course, they may not respond at 3 A.M. (bonus points if they do!), but you bet they’ll give you an answer the second they see your message. One of the best qualities of Fusion Medical Staffing recruiters is that they’re available and ready for you when you need them, no matter what you need them for.

“[My Fusion Medical Staffing recruiter] is there for me no matter what,” said Fusion Medical Staffing traveler Laura. “From hearing me vent about the assignment I’m on to assisting me with getting my timesheet corrected when I can’t figure it out, no matter what I need, she’s right there ready to help!”  

Fusion Medical Staffing recruiters know that your job is often unpredictable and complicated, so they’re happy to go out of their way to be there for you when you need them. Whether you just need a listening ear or someone to answer your burning questions, your Fusion Medical Staffing travel nurse recruiter or allied health travel recruiter is there no matter what.


Don’t try to power through your medical travel career alone. Instead, work with Fusion Medical Staffing and match with a recruiter who will help take your travel adventure to the next level. With advanced industry knowledge, strong communication skills, prudent listening skills, unwavering trustworthiness, and relentless reliability, Fusion Medical Staffing recruiters are the best of the best.