5 Ways To Advance in a Competitive Field of Cardiovascular Professionals

February 11, 2021


Stephanie Goraczkowski

CVP-weekYou want more opportunities, more advancement, a higher salary, and more personal fulfillment in your traveling medical career. So, what’s next for you in the field of cardiovascular health? You can make it happen! Here’s a to-do list of how you can increase your opportunities in your medical career. 


5 Ways To Advance in a Competitive Field of Cardiovascular Professionals


Become a mentor

Share your wealth of knowledge! Helping others in your field reach their full potential is both rewarding to you and beneficial to your field. Becoming a cardiovascular mentor  can also help you build your personal and professional network. And who knows, maybe you could use a little expertise from your very own mentor as well.


Check out scopes of practice

Doing some quick research online can give you access to an abundance of information. The official scopes of practice are available for RCIS/RCES professionals, plus guidelines for Invasive Cardiovascular Technology Personnel in the cath lab are available at ACVP online. The Alliance of Cardiovascular Professionals caters specifically to cardiovascular technologists, registered nurses, and radiologic technologists in cardiac care.


Get involved with memberships

There’s no better way to educate yourself than by simply getting involved. Memberships are a great way to network with other cardiovascular professionals. They may have tips and tricks to help you advance in your field, or to help you cope with the physical and mental fatigue that seems inevitable when you’re hard at work.


Expand your specialty focus

Are you in the right modality? Is there a whole other avenue in the cardiovascular field that you want to learn more about? See where you can go. There are endless opportunities in this field, so do the research and find something that suits you and challenges you. Fancy yourself something new? Take a peek at our list of traveling Cardiopulmonary specialties.


Read more about cardiovascular care

There are many publications you can subscribe to stay up-to-date on what’s happening in the world of cardiovascular care. A good rule of thumb is to read publications and professional research articles from both the perspective of a professional and a patient.


Working as a cardiovascular professional requires a specific skillset to help your patients overcome heart and cardiovascular issues. Working as a traveling medical professional allows you to work where you want while getting the most out of your cardiovascular profession. This career is expected to grow in demand and it also requires your own growth—constant personal and professional growth are needed to keep up with the latest cardiovascular technologies. If you want to start a career as a traveling cardiovascular professional, the timing has never been better.

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