Basic Packing List for a New Travel Job

January 26, 2023


Megan Bebout

GettyImages-1255431817-minKnowing what to pack for a new travel job can be tough, especially if you’re staying someplace you’ve never been. Whether you take the housing stipend to find your own lodging or let Fusion Medical Staffing find new digs for you, there are some essentials you won’t want to forget. Here’s a list to keep it easy.


Basic Packing List for a New Travel Job



Depending on your temporary housing situation, you may need to stock up on some common houseware items. Sometimes landlords and furnished housing units come equipped with housewares, but it can be hit or miss. If you’re able, pack your own just in case.

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Then there are those houseware items that you don’t necessarily have to pack, but might be a good idea:

  • Bedsheets
  • Pillows
  • Bath towels
  • Shower/bath curtain

Remember, if you’re traveling in a small group or by yourself, you’ll only need enough of these items for three or four people max. So don’t go crazy and pack your entire kitchen from home.

Pro tip: come prepared with some of these items, like the smaller stuff, and buy the rest when you get to your travel destination. You can often find affordable houseware supplies at a local dollar store.


It’s no secret that electronics are a part of everyday life, even for a professional traveler like you. When it’s time to hit the road and pack up for your next travel job, keep these electronics in mind.

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When considering which electronics to bring, think about what you’ll need to keep you entertained when you’re not out adventuring in your new city. Electronics are a little harder to buy when you get there, although not impossible. You can save yourself hundreds of dollars by packing the electronics you already have.


Now, this one may seem obvious. Of course you’ll need clothes and outfit changes during your travel assignment. But when it comes to packing clothing, it’s important to keep your destination in mind. Is your travel job in a warm environment? Will you need a coat or jacket? What kind of shoes will you need?

And what will you be doing when you’re off the clock? Do you plan to explore your surroundings or is staying at home more of your vibe? Ask yourself these questions to determine which clothing items and accessories you should pack.

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If you get to your travel assignment and realize you forgot to pack something, check out local retailers in your new city. Or online shop at the Fusion Medical Staffing store to find what you need! From apparel to drinkware to other accessories, Fusion has you covered.

Personal items

When you’re on the road, you won’t want to forget your personal items. These can vary from medications to sentimental items that remind you of home. Here’s a list of the top personal items you should make sure are packed in your bag.

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Personal items and home decor are some of the most important things you’ll bring along on your travel assignment. That’s because they make it feel like you're home. Plus, some special-to-you items are irreplaceable and can’t be purchased at a store. To ensure you pack all you need, write a list of personal items, and check it twice before you leave.

Pet supplies

If you’re traveling with a pet, you’ll have another bag to pack for your furry friend. Just like you’ll need time to adjust to your new surroundings, so will your pet. 

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Not sure how to find pet-friendly housing? Use this housing guide to find the perfect temporary lodging unit for you and your pet!

Packing tips for professional travelers

It can be overwhelming to pack for a medical travel job. Use these bonus packing tips to help you narrow down what to bring and what to leave at home.

1. Know the length of your travel contract

Although most travel assignments are 13 weeks long, some contracts vary. Before you accept the job, make sure you know the length of your assignment.

Additionally, think about whether you'll extend your contract or if you’ll go straight from this job to your next assignment before returning home. In that case, you may want to pack a few extra outfits and personal items to get you through your assignment.

2. Research the climate of your destination

One common packing mistake is not checking the weather of your travel job destination. For example, February weather is very different in Los Angeles versus Chicago. Before you make your packing list, consider the climate of where you’re going.

Another thing to think about is the activities you’ll be doing while you’re there. Do you plan to spend a lot of time outdoors? Are you more into doing things at home? Ensure you pack the right type of items for the location you’re going to.

3. Ask what’s included in your rental unit

When it comes to traveler housing options, you can either take a housing stipend to find your own temporary lodging or opt for agency-provided housing. Either way, double-check what’s included in your housing rental. For instance, some furnished lodging comes with housewares such as pots, pans, dinnerware, silverware, towels, linens, a broom, a mop, a vacuum, and other cleaning supplies. Other times, housing units won’t have any of the above and it’s up to you to get them.

When looking for housing, don’t be fooled by ambiguous statements like “fully furnished” or “turn-key housing.” Sometimes items you think would be included aren’t, so double-check what’s included versus what’s not.

4. Make a list of items you use regularly

Here’s the thing: everyone is different and has their own lifestyle and different habits, so your suitcase may look different than another professional traveler’s. What can we say? We’re creatures of habit. Because of this, it’s a good idea to make your own list of things you use frequently and use that to ultimately determine what to pack. Doing so ensures that you can maintain your habits and lifestyle while on a travel assignment.



If you’re ever unsure of what to pack for your new travel job, reach out to your travel recruiter to get their two cents. They’ll have valuable input for you on what to bring. Plus, now you have this handy dandy guide and checklists to keep you organized as you prepare for your next med travel assignment!