How the Healthcare Travel Process Works at Fusion Medical Staffing

August 24, 2023


Megan Bebout


Erase what you think you know about healthcare staffing from your brain — Fusion Medical Staffing isn’t your average healthcare travel agency. While other companies may solely rely on their allied health or travel nurse recruiters to guide you in your career, Fusion Medical Staffing has a diverse team of experts to support you from day one and beyond. From recruiters to compliance specialists to clinical liaisons and then some, Fusion Medical Staffing has your back covered, plus your front and both sides.

To make sure your travel job search is as smooth as possible, we’ve outlined how the travel process works at Fusion Medical Staffing. These are insider tips on how to land a top-tier allied health or travel nursing job with Fusion Medical Staffing.


How the Healthcare Travel Process Works at Fusion Medical Staffing



1. Submit an online application

Like with most jobs, the first step to getting hired is submitting an application. And Fusion Medical Staffing makes it easy on you. From online job boards like LinkedIn, Google Jobs, and Indeed to Fusion Marketplace to the Fusion Medical Staffing website, there are many ways for you to effortlessly search and apply for allied health and travel nurse jobs.

Whether you complete the quick app or full app, once your application and skills checklist are received, a Fusion Medical Staffing recruiter will review your credentials. They’re looking to make sure you have the right education, qualifications, and licensure, and if it all checks out, you’ll be contacted for a quick phone call. This is your chance to make a first impression, so don’t hold back your awesomeness.

Pro tip: be ready to chat with a recruiter within 24 hours of submitting your application! Prepare yourself in advance for the call and know the mistakes you should avoid.

2. Connect with a Fusion Medical Staffing recruiter

Now that you’ve been vetted, it’s time for you to get matched with your very own allied health or travel nurse recruiter. Since your application and resume have already been reviewed, your recruiter has more time to focus on finding you a travel job that checks all your boxes.

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When you first connect with your Fusion Medical Staffing recruiter, you’ll be asked a bunch of questions that will help build your internal travel profile. This will include things like your job preferences and priorities, professional qualifications, and state licenses and certifications. Using this information, a resume team creates your Fusion Medical Staffing-specific healthcare resume, which, with your permission, your recruiting team shares with hiring managers at medical facilities across the country.

3. Interview with the facility’s hiring manager

You’ve submitted your application and talked to a recruiter — what’s next? Now it’s your time to knock the socks off the facility’s hiring manager in a phone interview.

Not sure what to expect in the phone interview? Be ready to answer questions like:

⚕️ Where did you receive your initial medical training?

⚕️ Tell us about your experience as an allied health traveler or travel nurse.

⚕️ How do you work with difficult patients?

⚕️ How do you respond to high-stress situations?

⚕️ Tell us about a time you successfully solved a patient crisis.

⚕️ Tell us about a time you made a mistake while on the job. What happened and how did you handle it?

⚕️ What are your greatest strengths as an allied health traveler or a travel nurse?

⚕️ What’s your favorite thing about being a medical professional?

After you wow the hiring manager, the facility will send a travel contract to your Fusion Medical Staffing team. The moment your recruiter receives that offer, they’ll reach out to break down the contract and walk through first-day instructions together. If the offer fits your fancy, your recruiter will work with the compliance team and clinical team to assist you in completing any facility requirements like employment modules or clinical panels.

If the offer wasn’t quite what you were looking for, don’t sweat it! Be straightforward with your recruiter and they’ll gladly help you negotiate terms or look for more travel job opportunities that are more aligned with your career goals. As Fusion Medical Staffing Sr. Nursing Recruiter Aubrey Foley said, “At the end of the day, we’re just here to support you and be a good resource during your travel career.”

4. Prepare for the next steps

Whether you’re off to embark on your allied health or travel nursing job or decide to take some time off between assignments, the final step of Fusion Medical Staffing’s travel process is to ensure you’re ready for the next steps, whatever they may be.

For example, if you accept an offer, your Fusion Medical Staffing team will prepare you by helping you apply for necessary state licensure and certifications, secure short-term housing, and reimburse you for travel costs like mileage.

On the other hand, if you decline an offer, your Fusion Medical Staffing supporters will follow your lead on what’s next — time off, a different job, or continuing education classes. No matter where your healthcare travel career leads you, your Fusion Medical Staffing team will be by your side cheering you on along the way.

Benefits of traveling with Fusion Medical Staffing

From day one, you made a commitment to provide the best care possible for your patients across the country. And we made you a promise to be on your side and make a positive impact on not only your life but also on the lives of those you touch.

As a Fusion Medical Staffing traveler, you won’t ever have to go through your travel journey alone. Whether it’s your first or five-hundredth assignment, you’ll keep the same Fusion Medical Staffing recruiter, so that way, you can build trust and don’t ever have to stress about starting over with someone new.

“A lot of other agencies will change traveler recruiters based on the region they’re working in,” said Aubrey. “At Fusion, you’ll stay with the same familiar person throughout your entire experience.”

Not only will you have the same OG recruiter, but you’ll also have a full behind-the-scenes team — including compliance specialists and clinical liaisons — offering their unwavering encouragement and assistance. Whether you need advice on how to cope with a less-than-ideal assignment or guidance on where to apply for state licensure, your travel team has what you need.

“We have our own individual teams that all work together so on the backend, there’s at least six people working to get a traveler to an assignment,” said Aubrey. “At other agencies, a recruiter is a traveler’s only point of contact so they may not be as available to travelers as we are here at Fusion.”

Fusion Medical Staffing always makes sure you’re taken care of, not only with an experienced and reliable support team, but also with comprehensive benefits that keep you protected financially, medically, and mentally. Enjoy peace of mind wherever you go, thanks to Fusion Medical Staffing benefits like:

✨ $0 copay for mental health services

✨ 401k matching investment

✨ Medical and dental plan options 

✨ Identity theft protection

✨ Professional liability insurance



With a swift and well-orchestrated travel process, Fusion Medical Staffing stands out from other allied health and travel nursing agencies. From arranging job interviews with facilities to approving travel reimbursements to securing temporary housing, the Fusion Medical Staffing travel process is designed to make things as easy as possible for you. That way, you can focus on your primary mission: making a positive impact in the lives of others. Start traveling with Fusion Medical Staffing and let us help you get where you’ve always wanted to go in the healthcare jobs you’ve always wanted to work.