12 Must-Know Perks and Programs for Fusion Travelers

June 10, 2024


Megan Bebout

12MustKnowPerksYou already know the common benefits that come with a career as a travel nurse or allied health professional. But what if we told you that we take the pros a step further with additional advantages? The best part? You automatically earn access to these perks and programs just by traveling with us.

Keep scrolling to dive into all the benefits of working with us and get to know some of the outstanding faces within your travel support team!


12 Must-Know Perks and Programs for Fusion Travelers


Free mental health resources and partnership programs

Operation Happy Nurse

Operation Happy Nurse is here to be your ally in your travel nursing journey. With a first-hand understanding of the joys and struggles that may come with your career, Operation Happy Nurse exists to ensure you feel supported, heard, and empowered to prioritize your mental health. 

We've partnered with Operation Happy Nurse so when you travel with us, you gain access to free programs and perks focused on improving your mental health and physical well-being through:

💝Special discounts

💝 “Self-Care,” a podcast focused on nursing and mental health

💝Online discussion boards and blogs

💝Book club

💝Social events, including national and local events

💝Nutrition support

💝Fitness resources

Our partnership with Operation Happy Nurse creates a safe space where you can recharge, refocus, and rediscover the joy in care. Your wellness matters, and not just to us, but also to others in your community.

Don’t Clock Out

Don’t Clock Out is more than an organization — it’s a lifeline for travel nurses and allied health professionals. With their help, we’re here to remind you that self-care isn’t selfish but rather, essential. From wellness workshops to support groups and podcasts, Don’t Clock Out allows you to reclaim a life of balance (for free).

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The Emotional PPE Project

Your emotional health is just as vital as your physical safety, and The Emotional PPE Project gets that. Founded during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, The Emotional PPE Project is an organization dedicated to reducing barriers in the healthcare industry. Through our partnership, you’re eligible for free therapy and other benefits.

Learn more about Fusion Medical Staffing free mental health resources 

Traveler appreciation and recognition program

It feels good to be celebrated for your wins, achievements, and anniversaries. That’s why we created a traveler appreciation and recognition program, special for you!

It’s one of our highest priorities to make sure you’re recognized for all your awesomeness. These are just a few ways we make that happen.

Free Fusion swag bag

Did you know you earn a free Fusion swag bag when you start your first assignment with us, and then once every year after that? Now you know!

To claim your prize, just enter the discount code when you check out from the Fusion store. Peep your email during your first week of your first assignment for the code or reach out to your recruiter for it if you’re upgrading your swag bag from the year before.

The best part is you have swag bag options. While both gift bags come with a mini tote, lip balm, two pens, and mini phone fan, the last item is up to your choosing — fanny pack or insulated tumbler with straw? You tell us.

Birthday surprise

A full rotation around the sun. A year of accomplishments. Freebies and discounts. There are many things that can make your birthday special. And as a Fusion traveler, you can add $10 off + free shipping at the Fusion store to the list!

Keep an eye out in your inbox for the email on your birthday with the code to get your special perk.

Anniversary celebration

Wow — a year together already? Time does fly when you’re having fun.

To celebrate our anniversary milestone, we’re sending you a free swag bag and a new name badge! Your travel nurse or allied health recruiter will reach out with a secret code for you to use at the Fusion store.

Modality month special gifts

We can all agree that you’re a valued member of the healthcare community and you deserve recognition. That’s why modality month celebrations are so important to us. From heart month to lab week to Nurses Week to ultrasound awareness month, we’re here for it all with exclusive appreciation gifts and social giveaways.


Employee assistance program (EAP)

ICYMI, we partner with LifeWorks, an EAP designed to help you achieve holistic wellness in every aspect of your life. Whether you’re feeling stressed out, coping with physical health, or trying to better manage your finances, LifeWorks has the resources and tips to help you tackle it all.

Learn more about Fusion’s employee assistance program 

Referral bonus program

Think of what you could buy with extra cash — new Hoka shoes, luxurious spa day, toys for your furry friend. The list goes on and on. This could be you, and all you have to do is introduce us to your travel nurse or allied health professional friend!

Fill out a quick form to let us know how to get in touch with your bestie. And if they take an assignment with us, you could get up to $1,000!

Online community groups

Constantly traveling from place to place can get lonely at times. Let us help. We have a wide reach across social media including Tik Tok, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, as well as community groups for all Fusion travelers, travel nurses, and allied health travelers.

If you’re a Fusion traveler, join the Fusion Travelers Facebook group to connect with other likeminded healthcare professionals, ask questions, and find support.

Then, there’s the Travel Nurse HQ Facebook group for travel nursing professionals and the Allied Travel Network Facebook group for all allied divisions. These groups allow you to meet both Fusion and non-Fusion travelers. Want to get in on the fun? Join our online community groups!

Traveler scholarships and awards

To us, supporting our travel nurses and allied health professionals must go beyond just securing travel assignments. Cue the parade march, because we’re proud to offer scholarships and awards to recognize your dedication and to help further your educational pursuits.

Giving you the financial power and security to achieve your dreams is just one unique way that we stand by you every step of the way.

Learn more about Fusion’s traveler scholarship and awards 

Day one insurance benefits

Having immediate access to insurance benefits is crucial to your well-being, especially in this economy. When you travel with us, we offer comprehensive health insurance starting on day one of your employment. Say goodbye to waiting periods and delays and instead, welcome peace of mind knowing you’re taken care of.

Traveler PTO

You may not always get paid time-off as a healthcare traveler but when you do, it’s probably because you’re traveling with us. No matter if you’re craving a well-earned vacation or simply want a day dedicated to R&R (aka, rest and relaxation), we empower you to do so without worrying about lost income.

Relationship-based traveler support

When you travel with us, we’re here for more than just offering guidance — we want to build meaningful relationships with you and foster trust and understanding. And we have an entire traveler experience team ensuring that you receive relationship-based support.

“We know that travelers in general don’t feel supported on assignment, so we’re doing everything we can to understand what that means and start to build programs and services to support them,” said Dan DeVeney, vice president of traveler experience. “We never want our travelers to feel like a number or a transaction, so we’re going to do everything we can to prevent that and stand out by saying every single one of our travelers matters and meaning it. We want to have personal relationships with every single one of them.”

This type of support involves actively listening to your needs, empathizing with your challenges, and collaborating with you to find effective solutions. It’s about being reliable, responsive, and compassionate to recognize the importance of human connection. We go beyond transactional interactions to cultivate long-term partnerships built on respect, communication, and genuine care.

Clinical advocacy

Having people who get you, really get you, can make or break your career satisfaction. Luckily, the members of our clinical team can be those people for you.

Serving as a trusted resource and advocate, your clinical liaison is a seasoned healthcare provider who’s been where you are and knows the challenges and demands of travel nursing and allied health. They’re here for you to provide personalized support and guidance, offer insights into different healthcare settings, assist with clinical questions or concerns, and ensure a smooth transition into each assignment.

Additionally, our clinical team specializes in resolving escalated situations, from hostile working environments to experiencing trauma on the job. No matter what, you’re never alone on your journey when you travel with us, we’re here for you every step of the way.

Same recruiter for every assignment

If you’ve been around the block or two as a healthcare traveler, then it’s likely that you’ve worked with multiple recruiters, whether that was at the same agency or different ones. Good news: with us, you’ll get matched with a recruiter who vibes with your lifestyle, and you’ll stay with them for the duration of your career at Fusion.

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The exceptions to the rule would be if your recruiter was promoted to a new role within the company or if you don’t feel like the partnership is a good fit. In either case, we’re always happy to re-evaluate your recruiter match and pair you with someone who checks all your boxes.

Working with the same recruiter for each assignment allows you to build a genuine friendship where they know your quirks, your goals, and what fills your cup. With that kind of bond, you can skip the awkward ice breakers and dive straight into finding your ideal travel job.

Traveler loyalty program ✨sneak peek✨

Get ready for a game-changing program that’s set to be unveiled soon with all the deets: a Fusion traveler loyalty program!

This innovative initiative is designed to reward you for your dedication and commitment in ways that are sure to impress. Stay tuned for more details as we prepare to launch this exclusive program, promising exciting perks and benefits that will elevate your travel experience to new heights. Stay tuned for more!



When it comes to you and your career, we’re setting the gold standard in supporting you with an array of programs and perks exclusively tailored to enhance your experience. From day one insurance to clinical support to scholarships and awards and more, choosing us as your travel partner means you have a treasure trove of benefits designed specifically for you and your success.