6 Green Flags to Look for In a Healthcare Travel Recruiter

June 3, 2024


Megan Bebout

GreenFlagsThere’s a lot to consider when choosing a healthcare staffing agency to work with, and one of the biggest factors is your recruiter relationship. Having a good recruiter on your team can make or break your experience as a traveling nurse or allied health traveler — that’s why we have high standards when it comes to our recruiters.

You may hear a lot about red flags but here, we only know about green ones. There are the top recruiter green flags to look for (and spoiler: our recruiters have them all).


6 Green Flags to Look for In a Healthcare Travel Recruiter


Open and timely communication

RelationshipBasedSupportThere’s nothing worse than partnering with someone who constantly leaves you on read or worse, ghosts you altogether. Especially in your demanding healthcare career, having a recruiter who values open and timely communication is more than a convenience — it’s an essential lifeline.

And we get that.

That’s what sets Fusion recruiters apart from others. Your ally in navigating the complexities of travel assignments, they not only maintain open lines of communication but in doing so, also foster trust and peace of mind so you can focus on what you do best: deliver exceptional care.

“One thing Fusion recruiters all have in common is that the service they provide is excellent,” said Chris, Fusion Medical Staffing traveling registered nurse (RN). “My recruiter responds to my texts usually within an hour, most of the time even faster. He works very hard to find me the assignments that fit my needs. He also treats me like family and makes me feel like I’m important to him.”

Whether it’s clarifying assignment details, addressing concerns, or simply providing moral support and good company, you deserve a recruiter who prioritizes communication and transparency. And that’s what you’ll get when you travel with us.

Appreciative of the travelers they support

It feels good to be appreciated and recognized. Let us show you the difference it makes to partner with a recruiter who values you as a human first.

Beyond just matching you with travel jobs, a recruiter who acknowledges your dedication, expertise, and sacrifices can elevate your sense of worth and belonging, both in and out of your position within the hospital. At Fusion Medical Staffing, the appreciation you receive from your recruiter isn’t a formality — it’s a testament to the profound impact that you make in the lives of others.

“It’s the family atmosphere that’s everything for me,” said Fusion Traveler Alvin, RN. “Everyone is very helpful, and I feel like I’m really valued as a member of the team. Traveling with Fusion has been a wonderful experience!”

We live to recognize your efforts and fuel your passion, resilience, and commitment to what you love. Your Fusion Medical Staffing recruiter values you as an individual, not just as a professional or potential candidate, and fosters a partnership built on trust, respect, and mutual admiration. Find out how it feels and start traveling with us!

Has strong industry knowledge

ThingsYourRecruiter-minWhen you’re navigating the dynamic landscape of healthcare travel, a recruiter armed with robust healthcare industry knowledge can really make your life easier. Good news: our recruiters have that (and then some).

You already know that medicine and healthcare is ever evolving, and it can be tough to keep up with various regulations, trends, and best practices. With regular and extensive healthcare industry training, your Fusion Medical Staffing recruiter comes in handy with valuable insights and guidance tailored to your unique needs and aspirations.

“My Fusion Medical Staffing recruiter is the best!” Said Amber, home health travel nurse. “He has knowledge of everything, finds me the best contracts, and keeps me informed along the way!”

From licensure requirements to identifying optimal career paths to staying informed about emerging opportunities, the expertise of our recruiters can be your beacon of reassurance.

Advocates for and mentors you

Have you ever felt alone and lonely while on an assignment? Well, you can kiss that feeling goodbye when you start traveling with us — your Fusion recruiter is there for you for every step in every state.

In addition to securing your travel job assignments, your recruiter here champions your growth, development, and success. They’re not just there to fill shifts; they’re invested in your journey and are there to offer guidance, support, and encouragement whenever you need it (and even when you don’t know you need it). Even better, your recruiter will take the time to get to know you so that they understand your needs, wants, and desires.

“I like that when my recruiter says he’s there for me that he really is,” said Gwenevere, Fusion Medical Staffing long-term care traveler. “He makes me feel important and solves any problems that come up!”

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Having a recruiter who advocates for your needs ensures you’re not just another name on a roster. With us, you’re an important member of our team.

“My recruiter is awesome!” Said Tiffany, Fusion Medical Staffing cardiopulmonary traveler. “He always reaches out to make sure everything is good. He always shows concern and he’s very attentive to what I want and need. I love working with him and appreciate all his effort!”

Plus, our therapy mentorship program allows you to work directly with a fellow therapy traveler to make your transition into a travel lifestyle that much smoother. We go beyond the basics to provide insights, advice, and mentorship from top talent that serves you, your aspirations, and ambitions. We’re on a mission to improve the lives of everyone we touch, and that starts with yours.

Strong, creative problem-solver

You may have 99 problems, but a recruiter who ignores your problems ain’t one — at least, not when you travel with us. Not only will your Fusion Medical Staffing recruiter work hard to find resolutions to challenges, but they’ll do it with creativity, elegance, and finesse.

“My recruiter is amazing and helps me with any issues I may have, and checks in on me periodically,” said Shaton, long-term care traveler.” She also checks in on me when I’m not on an assignment and genuinely cares about always making sure I’m alright. You can’t ask for a better recruiter than that!”

Scheduling changes? Transportation logistics? Facility-related concerns? Trouble adapting to your new environment? Unexpected personal issues?

Give your recruiter a ring! Whatever the problem is, they’re dedicated to finding alternative paths to achieve your goals and get you where you want to be.

Empathetic and thoughtful

It’s no secret that you care deeply about others — that’s likely what got you into the healthcare field in the first place. But having a recruiter who matches your level of empathy and thoughtfulness can be a real gamechanger.

Partnering with a healthcare recruiter whose thoughtfulness extends beyond mere logistics (we’re talking about someone who listens, understands, and can maybe anticipate your needs before you voice them), can help you be your best self on and off the job. From offering a listening ear during a stressful situation to providing words of encouragement to simply acknowledging your achievements, the empathy and thoughtfulness of your recruiter creates a supportive environment where you feel seen, heard, and cared about.

“As a first-time traveler, I was uncertain and scared of the ‘unknown,’” said Angela, Fusion Medical Staffing traveling home health RN. “My recruiter has taken great care of me and has listened to my list of places I didn’t want to go and has successfully placed me with three fabulous assignments! I’ve been bitten by the ‘travel bug,’ and I’m so very happy with my choice to trust Fusion Medical Staffing!”

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When you work with us, we’re not just your colleagues or travel agency, we’re part of your caring community and we’re bound together through a shared commitment to making a positive difference.

Frequently asked questions

What can I expect from an initial phone call with a recruiter?

The tricky thing is that the healthcare travel process may look different depending on the agency you work with. What we can tell you about or recruiting process is that with us, your initial phone introduction with a recruiter is a very cool, casual conversation where we learn about your strengths, values, career goals, job preferences, and other unique-to-you characteristics. That way, we can make sure we’re matching you with job opportunities and behind-the-scenes supporters who match your vibes and fill your cup.

Will I work with multiple recruiters at Fusion Medical Staffing?

Nope. You have enough on your plate; the last thing you need to add to it is juggling multiple recruiters. So, when you travel with us, you’ll get matched with a recruiter who has what you’ve been looking for in a partner and they’ll be by your side throughout your entire career journey with us.

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But what if your recruiter isn’t a match or changes positions? No worries! That’s when our traveler experience team steps in to understand where the disconnect is with your current recruiter and help you find someone who has green flags most important to you.

“Your relationship with your recruiter is pivotal,” said Stephanie Stanley, traveler insights analyst. “We know that not every match is perfect, which is why we’re committed to finding the right fit for you. What qualities do you value in a recruiter? What makes a great partnership for you? And if, after some time, you feel it’s time for a fresh perspective, we’re here to support you in finding a new match. We understand that each of us are on our own path, and sometimes, having the right partner can make all the difference.”

What do travel nurses and allied professionals like about Fusion Medical Staffing recruiters?

The TLDR is that our recruiters are waving green flag after green flag. Not to mention the fact that when you travel with us, you also gain access to a slew of helpful benefits, guides, and resources designed specially to make your experience a positive and memorable one.

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Their top talent is in communication. ✅ Their industry knowledge surpasses their job description. ✅ The limit to their appreciation for you does not exist. ✅ They’re on a mission to advocate and fight for you. ✅ They have problem-solving skills that would put Albert Einstein to shame. ✅ They’re enhancing our company culture with empathy and thoughtfulness. ✅



We have more than recruiters. We have partners in your journey who are dedicated to finding opportunities that not only match your skills but also your career ambitions and lifestyle. See for yourself how it feels to work with a healthcare agency and recruiter who cares deeply about you as a person — join a workplace where you matter most.