Relationship-Based Support: The Role of Our Traveler Experience Team

May 13, 2024


Megan Bebout

RelationshipBasedSupport“If you haven’t tried Fusion Medical Staffing, give us a shot,” said Vice President of Traveler Experience Dan DeVeney. “We’re going to do everything we can to make your experience fantastic. And if you have tried Fusion Medical Staffing or you’re not with us anymore, come back and see how we’re different.”   

The thing that sets us apart from other allied and travel nursing staffing companies is that we’re invested in you as a person, as a human — not as a cog in a machine. While all our internal teams work together to provide an exceptional experience for all our travelers, our traveler experience team takes their dedication to you even further with relationship-based support. Here’s what we mean.  


Relationship-Based Support: The Role of Our Traveler Experience Team 


Traveler experience team goals 

The main mission of our traveler experience team is all about providing you with the best service and support in the industry. Whether you’re embarking on a short assignment or extending your placement, we’re here to ensure your experience is smooth and enjoyable every step of the way.  

“We want to be known in this industry as the agency that takes care of our travelers,” said DeVeney. “We, in the industry, have always been known for very top-level service.” 

How do we do that?  

The answer is simple: we listen to you and take all your feedback to heart. Through various channels such as surveys, regular calls, and a digital chat bot, we encourage you to share your experiences openly and honestly. And we understand that listening to what you have to say is crucial — that’s why we take the time to carefully consider all suggestions and concerns voiced by our travelers.  

"We're excited to utilize a benefit that puts you at the forefront of our agency's efforts: your voice," said Stephanie Stanley, Fusion Medical Staffing traveler insights analyst. "We understand the importance of truly understanding what you're going through, from the very first touchpoint to navigating compliance, assignments, and facilities. We recognize that while we strive for smooth operations, hiccups can happen along the way, causing you stress. That's why we want to hear from you. Your feedback is invaluable in helping us improve and ensure that your experience with us is as seamless as possible."

GettyImages-156365155-minNot only do we actively listen to what would improve your travel experience, but we also implement changes based on your feedback to help improve our services and address any areas for enhancement.  

“If our travelers are telling us something, then we’re listening and making changes to what we do to address it,” said DeVeney. “Whether it’s 24/7 live support on the phone, different digital channels to reach out to, or having others outside of recruiters that can support our travelers as well, we just want to make sure that support is there, and that our travelers feel valued.” 

By maintaining open lines of communication and engaging with you, we can make sure your needs and wants are met and your experience with us is nothing short of stellar.  

Why is a traveler experience team important for travelers? 

Our traveler experience team holds a special place in the lives of our travel nurses and allied health travelers, offering a level of support and care that goes beyond the norms of the healthcare staffing industry. Even better, our team recognizes the importance of talking about the hard things including the emotional aspects that come with being a healthcare provider.  

It’s no secret that you often face unique challenges that can impact your well-being, both professionally and personally. By giving you a platform and audience to openly discuss your feelings and concerns, we create a supportive environment that acknowledges the human side of the job.  

“We have people on the team from many different backgrounds, so when it comes to the emotional side of what our travelers are going through, we’re able to bring a very holistic view of what that looks like and identify opportunities for us to be better,” said Thea Circo, director of traveler experience.  

And that support even extends into our relationship with the facilities we partner with.  

“Our belief is that if we can attract the best travelers and support them through their journey, then that will shine through to our facilities, who will then recognize that we have a different level of travelers,” said DeVeney. “More facilities will want to work with us because of our exceptional traveler pool, which will then open even more jobs and more opportunities for our travelers. It’s a beautiful cycle.” 

5 reasons you should travel with Fusion Medical Staffing 

Day one benefits 

Not only is your travel experience important to us, but so is your overall health. You do so much for others — the least we can do is offer day one benefits to enhance your well-being.  

We know everyone has different needs with it comes to health insurance coverage, so we have a range of plans to choose from, including a plan with a $0 copay for mental health services. No matter what health insurance plan you go with, your coverage starts on day one. Even better, your dental and vision benefits also begin on your first day of employment with us.  

Additionally, we have a wide variety of voluntary benefits, such as accident and critical illness insurance, to choose from, as well. The main difference is those perks kick in on the first day of the month following your first day as a Fusion Medical Staffing traveler. 


Traveler paid time-off (PTO) 

You don’t have to convince us you work hard — we already know, which is why we offer you PTO after working a certain number of hours.  

Finding a work-life balance that feels right for you is a tough line to walk, and we want to make sure you have the flexibility to take time off and recharge whenever you need it. Once you’ve hit the milestone hours, you can kick back and relish some well-deserved time off, knowing you’re still getting paid. It’s just one of the ways we thank you for your dedication and commitment to making a positive impact.  

Recruiter matching 

One of the things we’ve learned in our collecting traveler feedback quest is that the relationship you have with your recruiter is important to you and directly impacts your travel experience. So, we’re making an effort to update our process of matching you with a recruiter that you vibe with on every level.  

“I like to use dating as a metaphor to the traveler-recruiter relationship because there are so many parallels,” said Circo. “If our travelers don’t like their company on this date that they’re on, they’re going to go find someone else, and they do. I think there are a lot of different questions we should be asking on the frontend when we interact with our travelers so we can really understand what they’re looking for and try to find someone who matches that. And if it doesn’t work out, we want to find someone else that does get it.”  

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"Your relationship with your recruiter is pivotal," said Stanley. "We know that not every match is perfect, which is why we're committed to finding the right fit for you. What qualities do you value in a recruiter? What makes a great partnership for you? And if, after some time, you feel it's time for a fresh perspective, we're here to support you in finding a new match. We understand that each of us are on our own path, and sometimes, having the right partner can make all the difference"

ICYMI, we like to do things differently here. When you start your travel adventure with us, we’ll match you with a kick-ass recruiter who acts as one of your main points of contact throughout your entire career with us.  

“The single point of contact and the traveler-first model is something that sets us apart,” said Aaron Polak, RN, and Fusion Medical Staffing travel nursing recruiter. “All of our processes, our procedures, everything — all of it is designed around our travelers. We’re trying to make things go as smoothly for them as possible.” 

Dedicated clinical liaisons 

Need to talk to someone who’s been in your shoes? Our clinical team is all ears.  

From relaying industry changes to offering an enhanced level of understanding to ensuring you’re matched with a travel job where you’ll succeed, our dedicated clinical liaisons are here for you.  

“We serve as a sounding board and advocate for our travelers, and since we do have clinical knowledge, we can better understand the situations our travelers face and help guide them,” said Manager of Clinical Services Casey Morrison, RN. “Having someone that can advocate for you, empathize with your situation, and has had similar experiences to yours is important.”  

Relationship-based support  

Not to brag but you won’t find the same level of relationship-based support anywhere but here, thanks to our traveler experience team.  

To us, relationship-based support means prioritizing you as a human first — it means understanding your unique set of needs, preferences, and challenges. And how we do that is by building genuine connections with you based on trust and mutual respect. By taking the time to get to know you on a personal level, we’re better equipped to offer tailored support that truly makes you feel valued, seen, and supported.  

“We know that travelers in general don’t feel supported on assignment, so we’re doing everything we can to understand what that means and start to build programs and services to support them,” said DeVeney. “We never want our travelers to feel like a number or a transaction, so we’re going to do everything we can to prevent that and stand out by saying every single one of our travelers matters and meaning it. We want to have personal relationships with every single one of them.” 

Whether it’s lending a listening ear, offering guidance, or simply being there as a supportive ally, our relationship-based support ensures that you always feel appreciated, heard, and empowered every step of the way. With us, it’s not just about filling shifts or completing assignments — it’s about building meaningful relationships that last a lifetime.  

“We want to be your partner,” said DeVeney. “We want to build a relationship with you. If you want an agency that’s going to support, value, and listen to you to make sure your experience is top-notch and fix it when it isn’t, we’re the place for you.”  



We’re taking relationship-based support to the next level to show you that you’re more than a name on a roster — you’re a human being, and we see you. Whether you need help finding your next assignment, navigating the ins and outs of travel logistics, or just someone to hear you out, our traveler experience team is here for you every step of the way.