5 Ways to Prepare for TravCon 2023

August 10, 2023


Megan Bebout

GettyImages-502673274-minFrom connecting with like-minded folk to collecting every kind of swag item in the history of ever, there are many reasons you should attend TravCon 2023. But once you’re registered for the conference, what can you do ahead of time to ensure you make the most out of your time in Las Vegas? Here’s how to prepare for TravCon 2023.

5 Ways to Prepare for TravCon 2023


Confirm your time off work

The first step in prepping for the most epic travel healthcare conference in the U.S. may be the easiest but it’s also the most important — confirm your time off from work in advance. Whether you’re in the middle of a travel contract or between travel assignments, you’ll need to communicate with your recruiter at least a couple of weeks in advance so they know you’ll be out of the office for a few days. Verifying your time off well in advance gives you the freedom to enjoy the convention stress-free and live it up in Viva Las Vegas while you’re there!

Arrange your travel accommodations

Now that your allied health or travel nurse recruiter is in the loop about your travel plans, it’s time to book your travel accommodations. This includes things like travel to and from the city, transportation to the convention center, and lodging.

Luckily, TravCon makes it easy on you by blocking off hotel rooms months in advance of the conference. In addition to room blocks at the Paris Hotel where it's hosted, TravCon also reserves rooms at the inter-connected hotel, Horseshoe Las Vegas. Don’t sweat it if there are no more rooms available in these hotels — there are tons of other lodging options on or near the strip so you can still be part of the action.

Traveling by RV? Bring it to TravCon and park at the Oasis Las Vegas Resort! Just a 15-minute drive from the Paris Hotel, the Oasis gives you a real Vegas feel with a tropical “Casablanca” theme, as well as an unbeatable view of the city lights at night. As an added perk, TravCon attendees can receive a 20% discount on reservation costs!

When it comes to how to get to the city, you have options, and they may depend on how long you’re able to stay in what’s lovingly known as the “Gambling Capital of the World.” The two most popular travel choices are driving vs flying. If you have more time or can arrive early, you may consider driving but if you need to jet back to work after the convention, flying may be a better choice for you.

Create your itinerary

With countless events, workshops, and networking opportunities concurrently taking place, it can be overwhelming to decide where to spend your time at TravCon. That’s why it’s important to create your itinerary. That means deciding what you’ll attend and maybe even putting the details in your calendar. To see a complete list of the schedule of events wherever you are, download the TravCon app!

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Pack smarter, not harder

The infamous Vegas nightlife energy combined with a semi-professional atmosphere can make it tough to know what to pack for this event. Our advice? Pack smarter, not harder.

With nonstop traveler parties, educational classes, guest speaker sessions, and leisurely activities, your suitcase could include anything and everything from pool floaties to your sleekest blazer to sparkly stilettos to a notebook and your favorite pen. Here’s the ultimate checklist for what to pack for TravCon.


Extra bag(s) for swag

Trust us when we say that you’ll need at least one extra bag dedicated solely to the swag items you collect throughout the convention. As the largest travel healthcare conference in the country, TravCon is known for its generous array of goodies, from branded stationery and clothing to useful tools and gadgets for travel healthcare professionals. Collecting these items not only provides a great way to remember the event but also offers practical resources that can enhance your skills and make your job easier.  

Conference outfits

Never been to an actual conference? Indecisive about what to wear to a professional event held outside of a healthcare facility? The good news is there is no official dress code, so you can attend TravCon in what makes you feel cool, comfy, and confident.

Pro tip: layer up! While outdoor temperatures can reach upward of 100 degrees, indoor venues will have the air conditioning on full blast. To help remedy the temperature differences, make sure to pack outfits that will keep you chill without overheating.

Night club outfits

If you’ve ever been to TravCon in the past, then you know all about the legendary after-party. Held on the rooftop of Drai’s Nightclub, you’ll want a fabulous outfit that matches the party vibe. What you wear is up to you! Just make sure that your outfit doesn’t restrict your fun.


Even if you’re not planning to hit up the gym on your vacay, it can still be a good idea to pack workout apparel or athleisure to lounge around in. Plus, included in your TravCon ticket is access to morning yoga classes. And take it from us, you don’t want to attempt stretching in downward-facing dog in tight jeans.

Pool accessories

With loads of cabana pool parties happening around the hotel, you won’t want to forget your swimsuit, sunglasses, and sunscreen. Additionally, Vegas is full of world-class spas and recreational facilities just waiting to treat you!

Comfortable walking shoes

You know what they say — when in Vegas…comfortable walking shoes are a must. The thing about this city is that no matter where you go, it’ll be a walk, even if it looks nearby. And when you’re scooting from one booth to another in the exhibit hall, you’ll be glad you’re prepped and ready to go in shoes that won’t make your feet sore the next day.  

Dancing shoes

In addition to your practical footwear, you can also bring along your dancing shoes! These will be useful for the after-party, as well as any other evening out. Don’t be afraid to go all out and let your freak flag fly!

Personal business cards

Pack your business cards and get ready to connect with fellow traveling healthcare professionals, as well as vendors in the travel healthcare industry. Distributing your business cards, especially to those running the booths in the exhibit hall (like your friends at Fusion Medical Staffing!), is a simple, yet effective way to share your contact information, expertise, and the unique value you bring as a travel nurse or allied health traveler. You can expect lots of companies to ask you for your information — make it easy on yourself and gift them your business card.

Notepad and pen

If one thing’s for sure, it’s that you’re going to meet a lot of new people and cumulate just as much new knowledge, if not more. To help future you remember who’s who and what’s what, bring along pen and paper to take notes throughout the conference.

“Jot down notes and names of people you enjoy talking to,” said Fusion Medical Staffing travel nursing recruiter and previous TravCon attendee Kendall Hazel. “It can also be helpful to ask for, take, and keep business cards of companies and vendors, and write down notes and takeaways from your convo on there.”

Once you’ve returned to the normal swing of things, you’ll be glad you have your TravCon notes to look back on to remember the event.

Golf clubs (optional)

Speaking of the swing of things — if you’re an avid golfer, you can show off your killer swing at the optional pre-conference golf tournament! Even if you’re not registered for the TravCon golf tournament, you could still use your clubs at the Fusion Medical Staffing traveler event hosted at Top Golf.

Switch to Vegas mode

The final step in preparing for TravCon is to switch to Vegas mode! Sure, TravCon is all about professional growth and learning but it’s also a chance for you to relax, let loose, and enjoy the experience. And with a healthy blend of educational sessions, fun festivities, and other events, you can do exactly that.

Frequently asked questions

Is food included with my TravCon ticket?

Sure is. Breakfast and lunch are both included in your TravCon ticket for the actual conference days (Monday and Tuesday). There are also countless receptions and parties included in your ticket, as well, where food is provided. However, you can’t go wrong with packing a few extra healthy snacks!

Can I bring my spouse/partner to TravCon?

Yes! Even if your significant other isn’t a healthcare professional, they can still join you in attending the conference. All they have to do is register for their own ticket the same way you registered for yours. That way, they can have full access to the conference, including breakfast and lunch on Monday and Tuesday. If the exhibit hall, classes, and other events aren’t your partner’s thing, they can hang out in the TravCon Spouse’s Lounge to connect with other healthcare spouses.

Where can I find Fusion Medical Staffing at TravCon?

This year, you can find the kick-ass Fusion Medical Staffing team at booth 440! Come see us in the exhibit hall and learn what fellow travelers love about Fusion Medical Staffing. From comprehensive benefits to competitive pay packages to an experienced clinical team, Fusion Medical Staffing has what you need.



The secret to having the time of your life at TravCon is to plan for it in advance. Feeling prepped and ready to hit the Vegas streets before you land will ensure you make the most out of your time at the conference. Here’s what you should check off your to-do list before TravCon: confirm your time off work, arrange travel accommodations, pack smart, and create an itinerary. All you have to do after that is have fun.