Hot Jobs - Lab

Spring time is right around the corner, and jobs are blooming up in all 50 states. If you are Lab Professional looking for your next contract, check out this week's hot jobs. … [Read More]

Meeting the Demand for Nurses

The demand for RN’s is at an all-time high. The continued need and increase for RN's nationwide is nothing new to the industry. Projections show the increase beyond 2022. If you are currently a RN, that means this is a dream market for you. Jobs are plenty and you have your choice of where you want to be. While we do see travel jobs and a need for CNA's (and always will need CNA's), this high demand can prove motivating to continue your education and take advantage of the booming need for RN's.… [Read More]

Best Assignment Locations for Spring

Spring is finally here! This is good for two reasons: 1. Winter is over, 2. Summer is close. Not sure where you want to spend your gorgeous spring days? These are some of the best states to travel during the spring months.… [Read More]

Understanding your Contract

Paperwork and reading through contracts are a major piece in being a traveler. As you become more experienced, you learn what to look for and what to ask, but in the beginning it may seem overwhelming. Here are a few things to always make sure you look for when reading your newest contact, when to ask questions, and red flags to look for. … [Read More]

Benefits of Traveling as a New Grad PT/OT

Traveling as a new grad can be both exciting and intimidating. You hear all of the basic pros, such as making more money, seeing the country, gaining experience, etc. but what does that really mean for your career's future? The benefits of traveling as a new grad before taking a perm position are vast. One of our traveling PTs, Daniel W, gave us insight from his point of view, once a new grad traveler, now a travel pro. … [Read More]

Hot Jobs: Therapy

This week's HOT jobs are all about therapy. We are taking you far north and far south, but don't worry, we have locations everywhere in between too!… [Read More]

Fusion Medical Staffing's Awards

2017 has been a gret year so far. Here is an overview of the awards Fusion has recieved for the year.… [Read More]

Fusion Named #1 for Top Company Culture

We are beyond excited and proud to be named the #1 medium-sized company on Entrepreneurs Top Company Culture list this year.… [Read More]

Meal Prepping When On Contract

We have noticed a common issue travelers have is the time to cook or ideas of easy meals for their shifts. Everything from time and space to creativity, to cooking for one. The lack of energy to actually prep a weeks’ worth of meals isn’t something we just hear from our travelers, we hear it from everyone around us! Whether a busy family, college student, or just the struggle of cooking for one, meal prepping can save you so much time, money, and effort!… [Read More]

Questions To Ask During Your Interview

As a traveler, you do not get to interview as you normally would for a permanent position. Your phone interview can make or break if you are offered the position or if you feel the facility would be a good fit. A few of our recruiters shared their top questions to ask when interviewing for a contract. They are seen as our experts when it comes to interviews and feel that these questions can help you gain as much information on what to expect as possible. Are there any questions you always make sure to ask during your interviews? … [Read More]

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