How To Get The Most Out Of TravCon

It’s the 10th annual Traveler’s Conference, which means now is the best time to expand your knowledge and network for your traveling career. From September 17 – 19, you can elevate your opportunities, learn more about the biz, and have a blast with fellow and newbie travelers at Bally’s in Las Vegas. Whether you attend every year, or you’ve never been, don’t get TravCon #FOMO! These tips will help you make the most of your experience.… [Read More]

Homeschooling While On Assignment

More and more couples are choosing to travel together. Choosing the travel nursing life can seem limiting for raising a family, but it actually provides options for parents. Some travelers worry about school for their children. It’s understandable; if you’re always bouncing around from city to city, how can you expect your kids to get a proper education? Where will you enroll them? Will you extend your travel assignment? Will you take a permanent placement altogether? There are a lot of questions to be answered. One of those answers can be homeschooling.… [Read More]

We have what you want: mentorship!

The most popular question when we meet with therapy students lately has been, "Do you have any sort of mentorship?" While that seems to stump some people, Fusion has decided to welcome all New Grads with open arms and... ta-da!... mentors! I have asked the one and only, Kaleigh Cole, a series of questions regarding mentorship. Kaleigh believes in mentorship programs as she herself started traveling as a New Grad Therapist. Together, we feel that mentorship is important in so many ways. It's just one more perk to your customized travel therapy experience with the Fusion Family!… [Read More]

7 Ways To Make Short-Term Living Feel Like Home

The life of a traveler can be adventurous, fun and new at every turn. It’s an awesome job and you get to do it! But sometimes you miss the familiar comforts of home. We get it… and we have a few ideas. See how you can add a few personal touches to your short-term living to make it feel more like your own.… [Read More]

10 Essential Apps For Nurses

In the age of technology, there truly is an app for everything... and that includes helpful resources for nurses. Whether you need to check symptoms or stay organized at your job, check out these 10 apps for nurses that can help keep all the information you need only a touch screen away.… [Read More]

11 Watermelon Recipes To Try Today

We know you’re always looking to add new ideas to your recipe book, and today it’s—WATERMELON. That’s right, it’s National Watermelon Day, so we’ve collected some of the best watermelon recipes to try. From everyday smoothies to salads you can roll out at a summer party, impress your guests (or just yourself!) with these 11 recipes that are sure to make your mouth water(melon).… [Read More]

Hey California! Where's your next summer hike?

  It's the season for summer hiking! If you're in California this summer, we've put together a list of places to explore. Regardless of whether you’re an advanced, multi-day hiker or just wanting to take a casual stroll through some of nature’s best scenic views in California, here are some of the best trails for all hiking experience levels.  … [Read More]

7 Tips To Find Housing For Your Next Assignment

[Read More]

15 Superfood Recipes To Keep You Energized

Everywhere you look, people are talking about superfoods. How to get more superfoods in your diet, lists of top superfoods, and the best superfoods for your health. But, what exactly is a superfood? Superfoods are mainly defined as a food that is nutrient-dense and good for your health. They are usually plant-based, but can also include some fish and dairy.… [Read More]

If Travelers Were Comic Book Characters

It takes some superhero qualities to be a traveler. Maybe you don’t wear a cape, but with all of your talent, you don’t have to. Check out these 5 superheroes and how they relate to the job. Which one sounds like you?… [Read More]

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