Introducing: A Mobile App to See your Doc

Telehealth Communication, look what it can do for you! With everything available at the touch of your fingertips online, why not make your Doctor appointments as convenient as Facetiming your best friend on the weekend? Telehealth is a fast, easy way to see a U.S. Board Certified Doctor at your convenience! It lets you have live visits over computer, tablet or phone anytime and it's easy to use, private and secure. Here's why you should start utilizing this Fusion benefit that is ALREADY available for our current travelers!… [Read More]

You say you wanna travel, huh?!

     So, you’re leaning towards Travel Therapy and now you're thinking to yourself, “Where in the heck do I start?” Well don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!      First, when is the right time to reach out? The answer is as soon as possible! As a student you may think it’s less stressful to wait and not overthink it-- which is okay. Just remember: it's never too early to start the communication process, because there are so many things you can complete prior to becoming eligible for travel. All the questions you have stirring around can be answered to help you decide whether it truly is the right job choice for you! … [Read More]

Five Tips to Land Your New York MT Licensure

New York, oh the land of bright lights, dreams, and the city that never sleeps.  Don’t deny it, we all know the first thing that comes to mind when we think of New York is the Statue of Liberty, the Big Apple, and the busy atmosphere.  In fact, until I started in this industry my visions of New York were completely skewed, but the Empire State has so much to offer!… [Read More]

About A SLP

May is Speech Language Pathology Month! We wanted to make sure everyone knows just how awesome they are! … [Read More]

Travel Nursing : The Two Year Wait

You've graduated, passed your boards and now it's time to trav-...wait, not so fast. When it comes to be a travel nurse, unfortunately you can't begin your adventure fresh out of school, you have to sit through the "two year wait." Lucky for you, we are here to help you get as prepared as possible during that time.… [Read More]

Nurses Week Selfie Contest

CONTEST TIME! For Nurse's Week 2017, we are holding a selfie contest. … [Read More]

Lab Week Spotlight - Chrysa Zachary

To celebrate Lab Week, we are giving the spotlight to one of our Fusion travelers, Chrysa! Thanks for all you do, and Happy Lab Week to all of you Lab Professionals out there! … [Read More]

Now Hiring Respiratory Therapists

We have had many of you ask and we are excited to finally say, we now staffing Respiratory Therapists.… [Read More]

Hot Jobs - Cath Lab

This week's Hot Jobs are all about heading to the Northeast! If you are a Cath Lab traveler, these are great opportunities to check out. The Northeast in the summer months is something everyone should experience. The weather is hot and sunny and perfect for exploring the outdoors. There are endless museums and attractions to visit, great food everywhere, and the most beautiful scenery around. … [Read More]

Issues on Assignment: BACK-OUTS, Terminations, Quits

Not every assignment will be perfect. That is one of the toughest parts of traveling, in not knowing fully what to expect before getting to an assignment. There are 3 main reasons a contract would be ended. Those are because of a back-out, a termination, or quits. Each of those mean something very different to you, your travel company, and the facility. Here is some information to break those down! … [Read More]

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