Lab Week Spotlight - Chrysa Zachary

To celebrate Lab Week, we are giving the spotlight to one of our Fusion travelers, Chrysa! Thanks for all you do, and Happy Lab Week to all of you Lab Professionals out there! … [Read More]

Now Hiring Respiratory Therapists

We have had many of you ask and we are excited to finally say, we now staffing Respiratory Therapists.… [Read More]

Hot Jobs - Cath Lab

This week's Hot Jobs are all about heading to the Northeast! If you are a Cath Lab traveler, these are great opportunities to check out. The Northeast in the summer months is something everyone should experience. The weather is hot and sunny and perfect for exploring the outdoors. There are endless museums and attractions to visit, great food everywhere, and the most beautiful scenery around. … [Read More]

Issues on Assignment: BACK-OUTS, Terminations, Quits

Not every assignment will be perfect. That is one of the toughest parts of traveling, in not knowing fully what to expect before getting to an assignment. There are 3 main reasons a contract would be ended. Those are because of a back-out, a termination, or quits. Each of those mean something very different to you, your travel company, and the facility. Here is some information to break those down! … [Read More]

Why Scrubs Are The Best

We will be the first to admit, we get a little jealous that you get to wear your comfy scrubs to work each day. We love scrubs so much, we will be teaming up with our favorite brand, FIGS, and giving away two pairs of scrubs. If you haven't heard about them yet, we highly recommend you check them out! A great company, making a different one pair of scrubs at a time. See how to enter below! … [Read More]

Hot Jobs - Lab

We have another round of hot jobs for any lab professionals out there! Whether you are looking for your first assignment or your next, we have a job for you. Get set up in your new contract just in time to enjoy the summer somewhere you've never been before, or even return to an old favorite. … [Read More]

First Time Traveler

One of the best things about this job is being able to watch how much people grow through their experiences. From their first assignment to their last, everything they gain personally and professionally, travel allows each person to leave their mark.  Sarah Hicks, one of our newest additions to the Fusion Family, let us follow her throughout her first assignment and shared her insight. The best parts, the hard parts, and what she learned for next time.  She is an OR RN, originally from Bennington, Kansas. Working as a nurse for just over 3 years, Sarah has always had a passion to help others. … [Read More]

Traveling with pets

We know how important your furry friends can be, and Fusion wants to make sure bringing your pet on your next travel assignment is as easy as possible. Whether you have us make your housing accommodations for you or you decide to make them yourself, there are many resources to use when finding the perfect place. We collected a few tips and tricks from current travelers who bring their pets along, from the travel there to your arrival. … [Read More]

Hot Jobs - Therapy

We are quickly approaching summer and have a few great travel spots for you therapists out there. These locations are all guaranteed to be plenty warm and entertaining for the summer! … [Read More]

Travel by Breweries: National Beer Day

A wise Fusion traveler once told us, "The best way to live like a local on assignment is to talk to the local bartenders. They know the best places." … [Read More]

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